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As a general practice, we keep all the client monthly maintenance checklists in one folder on the company SharePoint.
Please note, as you read through this, that many of these tasks are much easier if you are on site.
Other than section titles, each line begins with a small box suitable for entering a check mark or X.
Note: When performing the Monthly Maintenance remotely, verify the on site contact has printed,stapled, punched and put the notes into the NDB. Note: When performing the Monthly Maintenance remotely, verify the on site contact has made these entries in the NDB. Note: When performing the Monthly Maintenance remotely have the on site contact perform the operation and verify they have marked the tape for the number of uses.
NOTE: If rebooting the server is required to continue with the update process or if a NIC driver is being updated, coordinate it with the Client Contact and or users for minimal impact. Note: When performing the Monthly Maintenance remotely, verify the on site contact has made this entry in the NDB. Note: When performing the Monthly Maintenance remotely, verify the on site contact has printed, stapled, punched and put the notes into the NDB. Note that there are two critical items that need attention after the Monthly Maintenance is complete. SOP Friday - or Standard Operating System Friday - is a series dedicated to helping small computer consulting firms develop the right processes and procedures to create a successful and profitable consulting business. Feedback WelcomePlease note, however, that spam will be deleted, as will abusive posts.Disagreements welcome!

Managed Services Operations Manual - 1300+ pages in four books, plus downloadable bonus content.
When you document your processes and procedures, you design a way for your company to have repeatable success.
How to Deliver Successful, Profitable Projects on Time with Your Small Business Clientsby Dana J Goulston, PMP and Karl W. Small Business project management is simply not as complicated as project management in the enterprise. This great little book provides a simple process project planning and management process that is easy to learn and easy to teach to your employees, fellow technicians, and sub-contractors.
The authors show you a great technique for making sure that scope creep is a thing of the past! Bringing balance into your personal and professional lives and becoming the person you want to be. Possessing many of the capabilities of its big brother PLATINUM, ListMate Pro provides a more economical solution to the email marketer's list management needs. It contains Opinions on business success, News in the SMB consulting space, and Information on what I'm up to.All material Copyright (c) 2006-2015 by Karl W.
The main reason for this is that it is much easier to update them all if there's a big change. It is critical that everyone understand that the task must be completed before the box is checked.
You can save a lot of time with a good RMM tool such as Continuum, Level Platforms, or PacketTrap.

When you have 20 servers that need monthly maintenance, expect to spend 20-25 hours a month executing this. And as you fine-tune those processes and procedures, you become more successful, more efficient, and more profitable.
But small business projects have the same challenges as enterprise projects: They need to achieve their goals effectively, on time, and within budget.
You’ll learn to track any project, explain all the stages to clients and employees, and verify that everything is completed on time and under budget. We could store them in the PSA (professional services automation) tool, but that's only convenient if you are updating checklists one at a time.
Every computer consultant, every managed service provider, every technical consulting company - every successful business - needs SOPs! Or you might create service requests first and then talk to the client (later?) about any SRs that will result in billable labor. Or the technician on site might just create SRs and make sure the service manager talks to the client. We can verify that all those things that say "make sure the client contact does this" are done. And we can see if they've plugged a laser printer into the UPS or piled boxes on top of the server.

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