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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
Most composers of Email focus all their energy on writing an exciting message that will grab the attention of the reader.After the text is written, the writer develops the subject line in a matter of seconds and then sends the Email off to the awaiting world. Unfortunately, this approach will probably result in an Email message that will only be read by a small percentage of people – no matter how great the text is!
Study after study shows that your subject line needs to be kept to 50 characters or less.Emails with a subject line of 28 to 39 characters tend to have the highest click-thru rates.

One surprising finding is that personalizing the subject line by name does not really help open rates.However, mentioning a location relevant to the recipient makes a big difference.
Graphic characters like emoticons will probably not work in many Email readers and so should be avoided. Daniel Pink’s bestseller “To Sell is Human” suggests that a good elevator pitch is one that can also be a subject line.
If your planning a trade show or conference don’t miss out on an outstanding email marketing tool that will make your show that much better.

Pink also quotes a study that subject lines that make the reader curious have much higher open rates.As they say on Broadway, always leave them wanting more!

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