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The SpoofCard Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X brings Caller ID Spoofing to your desktop for the first time ever. SpoofCard is the largest Caller ID Spoofing provider offering the ability to change what someone sees as your number on their Caller ID display when you call them. Change Your Voice: SpoofCard's revolutionary technology transforms your voice to the gender of your choice, all in real-time. Here is a list of 5 Best email Widgets for Android. These widgets allow you to see the latest Emails from your inbox, right on the homescreen of your Android device. And by the way, you should also take a look at this article if you want to access your iCloud Mail account on your Android device.
Yes, Gmail for Android is on top of this list, because it’s the stock Email app for Android, and comes with a great Email Widget as well. Type Mail is a great standalone app for users who’d like a simple yet beautiful interface in their Email app. Aqua Mail for Android is another great Email widget which can really help you to get the desired info at the right time just by taking a look at your homescreen. DashClock for Android is a configurable Widget application which lets you add different kinds of extensions to a widget.
So, after reading the above list of the 5 Best Free Email Widgets for Android, your homescreen shall be the centre of all the info that you need at a glance, pertaining to your Email IDs, that is. A widget is a component of an interface that allows users to interact with or perform an action in an application without necessarily having to launch the application itself. Widgets, like that one, sit on the screens of Android phones and display either static information, actions, and options or ones that change with time, location, and other variables. Nevertheless, I have compiled a list of the best widgets available for Android using my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Asus Nexus 7 (widgets shine in particular on the larger screens of tablets) as a baseline. The stock Calendar application on devices with Android 4.0 and up provides an experience on par with that of Google Calendar on the web, and the widget acts as an extension of that experience. Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most popular services that Google offers, and its mobile app offering matches the quality of the desktop one. Evernote, one of the entries in our Top Ten Productivity Apps for Android, is a powerful note-taking application. Another simple widget, the one available with the Google Play Music app is sleek and functional. For my money (or time really I suppose), Google+ is a better social networking service than Facebook, but even if you like Facebook, users generally agree that, for now, the official Android experience is awful, and I imagine the widget can do little to change that.
Google Reader is my preferred RSS reader, and having access to a scrollable widget containing a list of my unread items is a quite a handy feature. In stock Android, the persistent Google Search widget atop the home screen is a permanent fixture, removable only if you use a custom launcher (look for an article on how to use Nova Prime and other custom launchers to improve your Android user experience soon!). I covered HD Widgets recently in my Pay or Pass feature after the Play Store sale, and I gave it an unfavorable pass, mostly because I thought that most users would not benefit from it with the plethora of widgets available by default.
If you do not use a device whose manufacturer allows for the use of custom toggles in the pull-down notification shade or if you do not use CyanogenMod, then the Power Control Toggles widget may be for you. Another app from our Top Ten Productivity Apps for Android, Tasks is one of the best to do list apps for Android; the widget alone is a compelling argument for that. On a related note, adding widgets to your screens in Android varies from device to device, so you may have to explore your phone or tablet to determine how to do so. And that concludes our list of the top widgets for Android.  If you have any other categories you would like us to tackle, any apps you would like us to review, or any lessons about Android you would like to learn, please let us know in the comments.  Thank you for reading! Matthew Serre is a young professional with a passion for activism, Android, cooking, gaming, music, painting, rhetoric, social justice, technology, and volunteering. Record all your conversations and then play them back over SpoofCard's toll free number or download them from the web control panel. The stock Gmail widget is scrollable, and lets you take a look at the most recent emails right on your homescreen.

Type Mail has two types of widgets that can be added to the Android homescreen —  a dark widget, and a light widget. All you need to do is add the widget to your homescreen, and configure the widget as per your liking.
For the life of me, though, I cannot find a way to turn on an audible notification for incoming e-mails. Certain apps also benefit from widgets because of their ability to display information without forcing the user to load the entire application to view it. Therefore, pinning down the best widgets across multiple phones and, perhaps more significantly, different versions of Android is a difficult task. It displays the current day and date, as well as any upcoming events in your schedule, all synced from your Google account, of course.
In addition, the stock Email app also offers a strong client that you can use with whatever email service you like best. Regardless, if you use Google+, the widget is quite nice; and if you do not, and you are already deep in the Google ecosystem, the widget is a good reason to come around and try it. The flexibility of the widget is welcome too; you can choose to have it display all of the items from your subscriptions or just one of them.
Despite that, the search bar is something that you probably want present anyway, especially given that it moves with you from screen to screen, thereby allowing you to perform a Google Search query wherever. On the other hand, I also said that the widget package offers a great deal of customization for those who do like widgets.
It features a scrollable list of tasks from the selected list, and you can edit entries or mark them complete right from the widget. In stock Android, open the app drawer, select the Widgets section at the top, and touch and hold your widget of choice to place it on the current screen.
When your ready to experience the true power of SpoofCard, you can purchase a card and get your PIN number sent to your email instantly! You'll then be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number to appear on the Caller ID. When the widget download is complete, show Dashboard, click the Plus sign to display the Widget Bar and click the widget’s icon in the Widget Bar to open it.
While adding the widget, you are asked to select the Email account you would like to add a widget for, and then select the label you would like to see. These widgets are scrollable and let you scroll through your emails right on your homescreen.
If you don’t find your existing email extension listed in the app, you can select Get more extensions from the options menu, and then get new extensions from the Google Play Store. Few other mobile operating systems offer users the option to use them; but are they useful? A common example, and one that I remember from my first Android phone, is the clock and weather widget present on stock HTC devices. The widget is useful for the simple fact that it displays your next appointments or meetings or whatever you may have planned and allows you to view more detailed information by selecting a particular entry.
The new Evernote Widget, a separate install on the Play Store, is an add-on to Evernote itself.
The widget offers the functionality that most users probably seek, and if you are not a fan of the pull-down notification shade playback controls, then you will find yourself using this one on your home screen. The widget displays one post at a time from any or all of your circles and allows you to move seamlessly from post to post. The top bar shows the name of the feed, the unread count, and a refresh icon to check for new items. Touching the bar opens a text box into which you can enter your query, and then searching executes the query in your default browser.
You can even add additional ones as well with the handy new task button in the top right corner.

Otherwise, try long-pressing, that is, touching and holding, the screen on which you want the widget, and waiting for a menu to pop up; you may have access to a widgets option there.
You got it right, the default Email Widget in the Gmail app, has support for Labels as well. All the widgets come in dark and light themes, and the scrollable ones can be configured as well (see the 1st screenshot above).
There is an icon for composing a mail on the right corner, and you can also tap on any message to open it up.
You have to enter the label that you’d like to be displayed on the widget, and select the folder from your email account.
Moreover you can select the current day and date at the top and load the full Calendar app like you would selecting the app shortcut. The widgets feature a scrollable interface that allows you to view emails within the folder you select, which is probably most commonly the inbox. Note that if you use another music player, perhaps even the stock Android one, their respective widgets may offer different controls or options.
It also features a comment button that allows you to compose a comment for the post currently in view and a refresh button to see what is new. Selecting an item in the list opens that item directly, and touching the top bar opens Reader to the selected feed(s). Not only does it save time, it also encourages users to turn various battery-depleting settings on and off as needed.
Though simple in appearance, the functionality of the widget is on par with the rest of them and makes a quality app even better as a result. So, you can add separate widgets for whichever ones you like among Primary, Social, Updates, Purchases, etc. And, DashClock also looks great as a lockscreen widget (and Android Lollipop users, you should look the other way, because this is one feature you can’t use) because of the configurable transparency.
The widget is probably one of the most commonly used widgets available on any make or model of Android device and any version of the OS, and for good reason. Like with the Calendar widget, the Gmail and Email widgets allow you to select an entry, or email in this case, to open the message directly instead of opening the app and selecting the message.
Users can decide whether they want to have individual icons representative of common actions or a whole row of curated functions. Generally social networks can take advantage of widgets better than most apps because of their inherent interactive elements, and Google+ is no exception; but if it is not your social network of choice, try out widgets from various Facebook or Twitter apps to see which one best suits your needs. Search is the most important aspect of Google and, consequently, Android; the widget is a natural and expected extension of that. While most Android devices come pre-installed with Gmail for Android, you can also get over to the Play Store to install it if your device doesn’t have it. The top portion of the widgets show the unread email count and provide a shortcut to create a new email. You can configure its look ‘n feel as per your liking, and select from 5 colorful icons. For those who like to stay on top of their email, the widgets for these apps display the most recent messages and allow you to access them quickly and effortlessly. But if you dislike Evernote for whatever reason, alternative note applications, like Catch for example, offer similar widgets for users. Given that Evernote is probably the standard for note-taking on pretty much all platforms though, you would be hard-pressed to find a better, more customizable setup.

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