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Tara, a noble princess, and Maya, a palace servant girl, have been raised together as childhood friends and rivals. While Tara wears fine silks and jewels and learns the etiquette of the Kama Sutra, Maya must be content with Tara’s cast-offs.
Despite her superior status and privilege, Tara is threatened by Maya’s inherent sensuality and grace, often humiliating her publicly in court.

On the eve of Tara’s wedding to the great Raj Singh, Maya exacts sweet revenge as she seduces with the king. But later when Maya’s   treachery comes out, she is banished from the palace in shame. Later she wanders through the kingdom, she is finally befriended by the court sculptor, Jai, who inadvertently units her with Rasa Devi, the famed teacher of the Kama Sutra.

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