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For greyhound passengers age 62 and older can get 5% discount on unrestricted passenger fares. You can save up to 50% on up to two companions when you purchase one adult ticket at the regular walk-up price. You can visit all the wonderful place in America for as low as $49 by entering code WILDEST at checkout page. For veteran passengers, they can get 20% discount by entering their name for a VetRewards Card ID from Veterans Advantage.
For student, they  can get Student Advantage Discount by showing their student card and save 20% off standar fares. AAFES Coupon CodesDo you know aafes as well known with Army and Air Force Exchange Service?
Greyhound has been providing bus travel services since 1914 and is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in North America. Greyhound recently upgraded the buses on some of their most popular travel routes and more will continue to follow as time goes on. Greyhound bus tickets can be ordered over the phone, online or at a Greyhound Ticket Counter.
One glaring attribute that sets Greyhound apart from other bus companies is that a ticket does not reserve you a seat at a set time.
Tickets for certain destinations may qualify for what Greyhound calls the Friends and Family Discount. All currently active as well as retired members of the United States Armed Forces and their dependents may travel to U.S. Members of the Veterans Advantage Program receive 15% off of Walk-up ticket fares to locations all over the United States. Those who are aged 62 and older are eligible for a 5% discount on full priced unrestricted adult fares. Taking a minute to register for Greyhound’s free Road Rewards Loyalty Program is well worth the effort.
When purchasing Greyhound bus tickets online you are presented with the option to enter a coupon code.

My passions for writing and coupons have lead me to writing for coupons blogs, websites, and publications. Buses travel to and from over 2,300 destinations throughout the United States and Canada every day.
The new buses allow for free wireless internet access and offer conveniently located electrical outlets. For travel between some major cities, average bus ticket costs tends to range a few dollars higher than those offered by other bus companies but seem to be getting lower as competition becomes more aggressive. The down side of this is you must wait in a line to get on the bus which is boarded according to first come first served. When looking into Greyhound for bus travel services consider exploring the list of most common Greyhound discounts below before settling on a regularly priced ticket.
In addition, Greyhound sometimes offers advanced purchase promotions where a discount is applied to your ticket price according to how far ahead you book the travel. This ticket discount, also commonly referred to as a Companion Fare, typically allows you to bring a travel companion along on your bus trip for a percentage off of their ticket price. Kids younger than 12 but older than or equal to 2 years old can travel for 25% less than one full adult fare. Coupons for Greyhound bus travel are not always too easy to find but they usually do exist.
They offers many great packages for businesses, conventions, schools and other purposes at affordable rates.
They have also removed 5 seats to provide more legroom and have optimized each seat for safer travel. The up side is if you change your mind about when to travel or are running late to catch your bus you won’t lose your money if you miss it. The details of the Friends and Family Greyhound Discount are subject to change as promotional offers come and go but currently your full priced adult ticket will score you up to 3 companion tickets, each at 15% off. Military Veterans, Active Duty Military and National Guard & Reserve personnel are eligible for the program.
The new Greyhound buses were also designed with a more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient engine.

The card costs $20 a year and offers percentage discounts on your final bill at hundreds of online and brick and mortar merchants. You will probably notice thousands of results returned but few that lead to non-expired coupons. Those under age two who do require their own seat will need to have a ticket but you can purchase it at 25% off of the full adult fare.
For more information visit the Student Advantage Discount Card website or call 1-800-333-2920.
Make sure that if purchasing tickets online you first login to proceed through the Road Rewards section of the Greyhound website. This is a tricky thing to avoid and most often finding a valid coupon code takes a lot of trial and error at the checkout stage of your purchase.
To be the best provider of intercity bus transportation, the company developing nationwide Greyhound network including Valley Transit Company, Crucero USA, Americanos USA. The Child Discount only applies to children and adults purchasing the unrestricted walk-up fare. If you have a little time and patience though, coupon codes for Greyhound bus travel are worth searching for because they probably are out there somewhere. All of these bus transportation networks serving different points accross the United States. Amtrak passengers can use Greyhound, if they want to go to cities that are not served by rail on Amtrak Thruway service.
Beside in the United State, the company also offers intercity bus transportation in Canada and Mexico.

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