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CCTVSecurityPros 960H Line of Digital Video Recorders provide up to 960 horizontal lines of resolution - the highest available in its class. Our "PRO SERIES" Security Camera Systems combine our Super High Resolution Sony CCD Security Cameras with our 960H Professional High Resolution Digital Video Recorder.
If you can run a wire from each camera back to the recorder you CAN do it yourself and save thousands!
Our High Resolution Security Cameras, coupled with our NEW 960H Digital Video Recorder, will provide you with a superior surveillance system. Our "PRO SERIES" Security Camera Systems come with everything needed for installation including the Digital Video Recorder, Cameras, Cables, and Connections.
If you are looking for professional, high resolution Security Camera System for your home, business, or organization, the "PRO SERIES" Security Camera System Line.
CCTVSecurityPros is proud to introduce you to the "PRO SERIES" HD Digital Surveillance Video Recorder. As mentioned, our NEW "PRO SERIES" DVR supports and is compatible with both standard (BNC Connection) high resolution security cameras and our new High Definition-CVI Megapixel Cameras.
Our "PRO SERIES" DVR has a simple and user friendly interface - everything as far as set up can be done with a click of a mouse.
Our "PRO SERIES" HD Digital Video has 2 built in hard drives slots for up to 12 TB of long video storage capacity. If you are looking for the Ultimate Surveillance Video Solution, look no further than our high quality field tested DVRs. LIVE REMOTE INTERNET AND CELL PHONE VIEWING - our "PRO SERIES" DVR allows you to watch monitor your cameras Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyplace! UP to 1080p Live View ON EVERY CHANNEL - No more jumpiness or jerkiness in the video that you may have experienced in the past. H.264 VIDEO COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY - Provides Up to 3x MORE Video Storage than the old MPEG and JPEG DVRs used in the past.
COMPATIBILITY - The "PROS SERIES" DVR is compatible with traditional security cameras and our new HD CVI Security Cameras. 4 CHANNELS OF AUDIO RECORDING - Record AUDIO on up to 4 Cameras with our "PRO SERIES" DVR by adding our optional microphone.
MULTIPLE SCREEN DISPLAY OPTIONS - View 1 camera, 4 Cameras, 8 Cameras, 16 Cameras, or up 32 Cameras at a time. SAVE VIDEO TO USB or PC - All of our systems offer multiple recording options in order to save and archive video.
CENTRAL MONITORING STATION - If you have several businesses or homes, you may want to utilize CMS. EASY TO SET UP - Our Digital Video Recorder is simple and easy to set up and view over the Internet and Cell Phone.
We stand behind the "PRO SERIES" HD Digital Video Recorder with an INDUSTRY LEADING 2 YEAR FULL WARRANTY!
The CSP-D65IR is one of our customer favorites in terms of high resolution, high definition security video.
Comes with a 3.8mm wide angle lens and has 28 built in Infrared LEDs for spectacular night vision. We are pleased to introduce one of best and most popular infrared bullet cameras available. The "BLACK KNIGHT" offers NEW ANTI-SATURATION Infrared Technology which provides SUPERIOR VIDEO QUALITY in both the day and night.
The "BLACK KNIGHT" High Resolution Infrared Bullet Camera comes with a 3 Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee, Mounting Bracket, Power Supply, and Instruction Manual. Order our "BLACK KNIGHT" 700 Line Infrared Bullet Camera Today and ENJOY a Satisfaction Guarantee and a 3 Year Warranty.

We have our own Cell Phone Software that you can download on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and many more "smart phone" devices.
We're proud to have sold and supported over 20,000 Security Camera Systems in the past six years. We at CCTV Security Pros are excited and even surprised to an extent that we made the news. ABC 10 News in San Diego, California featured surveillance video captured from one of our security cameras, the CSP-700SE, which we refer to as the "ENFORCER" - a product that recently has been updated to add even more lines of resolution and is currently available for purchase. In this clip from ABC News, you'll see the QUALITY surveillance video our security cameras and systems offer our customers on a daily basis! Best Equipment Available - 5 Star Customer SatisfactionBy far the best camera system and value we have purchased.- Written on December 21, 2015 I would strongly recommend these guys to anyone who wants high quality products, great service, and reasonable prices. Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. O prezentare animata si atractiva, care va rula pe un ecran de calculator la standul companiei dumneavoastra sau in timpul expunerilor pe care le faceti la o conferinta, actioneaza ca un agent de vinzari virtual.
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WE HAVE UPGRADED our “PRO SERIES" Digital Video Recorders from D1 Resolution to 960H Resolution to take advantage of the latest technology.A high quality, powerful DVR is the backbone of every security camera system.
960H conveniently utilizes the same cabling (BNC, RG-59) as traditional or standard analog security camera systems, making it easy to add or replace your existing system.
H.264 Compression enables you to store up to 3x more video than with the old MPEG and JPEG DVRs.
Our "PRO SERIES" HD DVR is a high-end, professional, surveillance monitoring, recording, and Internet viewing solution! The DVR recorder and software must be at least as effective as your security cameras to maximize performance and definition. Our "PRO SERIES" DVR software makes simple and easy for anyone to set up, program, and customize settings. There are no additional monthly fees for Internet Viewing - only a high speed Internet connection is required. View your Security Cameras on the on the Internet, Cell Phone, and Internet enabled devices. This helps you to digitally zoom in on a particular area or object, especially when combined with our HD Cameras. CMS enables you to monitor all of your locations on one screen display, with one "login" or IP address. Our new "BLACK KNIGHT" High Resolution Infrared Bullet Camera has 700 Lines of Super High Resolution for outstanding day time clarity. This unique IR SMART technology fixes the big problem with many Infrared Security Cameras - distinguishing the closer objects with control of the INFRARED SENSITIVITY while still providing sharp video images. This proprietary software ensures you the best performance available remotely from your devices.
If you have any questions or need help during set up, call our Live Techs at (888) 653-2288. We've received countless feedback from our customers about the effectiveness of our systems. This just serves as another reminder that our security cameras and systems truly help our customers! Our products come with Free Technical Support, a Satisfaction Guarantee, and up to a 3 Year Warranty. If those things aren't important to you then feel free to buy the lousy stuff from someone else with bad service and pay more for the privilege.

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All of our security cameras are super high resolution and low lux, providing you with outstanding video quality in the day and night - both live and remotely over the Internet and Cell. Our "PRO SERIES" Digital Video Recorder captures and records high resolution video in Real Time 30 Frames per Second, meaning no jerkiness or lag time like some of older DVRs of the past.
We pre-install the hard drive before you receive your DVR so it is ready to go right out of the box. Program your "PRO SERIES" DVR to send an email notification and digital snapshot on cameras when motion occurs. H.264 Technology also provides you with better video quality both live and over the Internet.
For example, you may make one camera larger than some of the surrounding cameras on the display screen, etc.
In addition to day time clarity, the "BLACK KNIGHT" has 34 built in Infrared Illuminators and is designed to see up to 100 FEET IN COMPLETE DARKNESS.
With the paid software you can NOT ONLY VIEW live video, BUT ALSO REVIEW past video right from your cell phone if desired. From "slip and falls" to internal and external theft, our cameras have been PROVEN to deliver the highest quality video!
One of our customers, in particular, let us know about how his security camera system helped him catch an "unwanted" guest on his property.
After all, it is the DVR records and stores valuable video and transmits your video over the Internet and Cell Phone. Conveniently monitor your assets anytime, anywhere, any place, with live high definition video right over the Internet on your PC, Cell Phone, Pad and other "smart" Devices. Fast Set up can be achieved using our Quick Start Guide, manual or by calling our Toll Free Customer Support. The "PRO SERIES" DVR has 2 SATA Hard Drive Slots for months of video surveillance storage potential.
Use our Quick Start Guide to quickly set up your initial system settings on your DVR such as remote viewing, motion detection, email alerts, and more.
The "BLACK KNIGHT" has a 6mm standard wide angle lens - perfect for covering a wide area view, such as a register area, room, or outdoor area.
He was able to backup the video right from his DVR and submit this CLEAR EVIDENCE to the authorities for further investigation. Our DVRs have been used in THOUSANDS of professional applications and contain the very best quality components to provide you with years of high performance reliability.
If you have an issues call us and one of our technicians will easily walk you through set up.
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