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Free radicals are the name given to atoms that have an unpaired electron in their outer shell. A free radical is basically an atom that intended to share its electrons with another atom but for some reason did not complete the biochemical reaction, so is left in an unstable state.
Biochemical reactions happen in almost every cell in our body, every second of the day, which means free radicals are constantly being formed. In addition, over-production of free radicals can occur on exposure of our body to pollution, environmental toxins, UV radiation, and with high-fat diets. But contrary to popular belief, free radicals aren’t all bad and have some beneficial effects when present at the right numbers, in the right place. Which is why it is important to make sure your body is in optimum health and that your levels of free radicals are what they are supposed to be. MitoQ is a revolutionary formulation of Co Q10 that can be uptaken directly by the mitochondria of the cell, replenishing levels of Co Q10 in the place where it is needed the most.
March 29, 2013By Karen GordonThis morning I was cranky and PMS-y and didn’t want to get out of bed.
I drove my lethargic bag o’ bones there, all the while dreading the feeling of not-good-enough-ness that would surely descend upon me when I failed to meet my own yogic standards.

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As you may recall from high school chemistry, atoms bond to other atoms through the sharing of electrons to make a molecule.
Free radicals intensely dislike being unstable so move quickly to steal their missing electron from the closest stable molecule in their vicinity. Many of these reactions happen within the mitochondria of the cell, and as a result these delicate organelles are highly susceptible to free radical damage. Dietary supplements such as co Q10 improve our body’s supply of antioxidants and keep our free radicals at a controllable level. But my roommate thankfully knew what was best for me and all but pushed me out of the house to go to yoga.
I was blessed with a yoga teacher who delivered exactly what I was too constricted to realize I needed. However, if overproduction of free radicals occurs, or our antioxidant supply is suboptimal, they can inflict severe damage on the cell. Normally, the body counteracts free radical production with its own supply of antioxidants, and the cascade of electron-stealing can be controlled before it causes major disruption to the cell.

Free radicals are also thought to feedback signals to the mitochondria and other cells which help to calibrate and finely-tune cellular activities, such as cellular respiration, making it more efficient. Taking antioxidant supplements such as MitoQ, a revolutionary targeted form of Co Q10, boosts our own supply of antioxidants and reduces free radical damage.
Unfortunately, this attacked molecule then becomes a free radical itself and a chain reaction of electron-stealing ensues.
But our antioxidant production diminishes with age and is negatively affected by a poor diet. Damage to our mitochondria also reduces production of endogenous antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10).
But with each repetition, the meaning of those words began to expand throughout my body and take on multiple meanings. As you breathe in with Be and release with Free, remember that all the wisdom of the greatest healers, masters, leaders, and sages is within you.

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