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In this massively multiplayer 3D football (soccer) game, you create a player and develop your skills by trying out different positions.
In Tales Runner you must run, jump, ski and swim faster than your opponents -- and if that doesn't work, you can hit them over the head to slow them down. The Wrestling Game (TWG) is a text-based wrestling game in which players contend for the world title in a series of textually narrated matches.
After choosing his wrestler’s type, the player finishes a brief tutorial and starts exploring the rather packed interface of the game. Play 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3, and use in-game points to buy stat boosters for your character. You have to upgrade your stadium to host games, sign new players and trade away those who don’t fit in, sign deals with sponsors (you can even negotiate with them), and keep your players in top form to ensure you emerge victorious versus other football managers.

Each player except the goalkeeper is human-controlled; one person controls just one player. Level up the character and find out if you’re strong enough for the ring, learning new moves, training the ones you already know and attracting numerous fans in the process.
Matches are found easily, and even the text narration can be quite exciting (there’s also a shabby 3D view).
It is, however, a rather intricate game and those prepared to invest in it are quite likely to have some good fun playing it. The emphasis is on playability and tactics; the graphics are simple 2D allowing you to easily get a general picture of the happenings. Finding a contender is always easy, and there are tournaments for the more competitive players.

However, as your team gets better, you’ll have to battle neighboring league teams in the playoffs in order to reach a higher league. The community, even though friendly for the most part, is mostly composed of adults and as such the chat features everything from innocuous doodling to lewd innuendo.
GoalUnited’s details will keep you busy for weeks, as you can tweak every possible setting, player placement, etc.
The game can, however, get somewhat slow for those who don’t purchase additional features.

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