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Writing and editing is easier said than done and if English is your second language, you really need to use some good grammar and spell check tools.
A good grammar checker can help you check any type of writing, may it be a casual email message or some kind of formal research paper. While you are required to download their grammar checker software to your computer system, you can also use their online grammar checking tool first, so that you know what exactly you can expect from the software when you download it. It can detect many errors which are usually not detected by other free language checking tools online.
The Language Tool is available in the LibreOffice version, as a Standalone desktop version and as language tool browser extension for Firefox too.
Grammarly has always been my favorite grammar & spell checking tool, and I find that LanguageTool needs to improve a lot. Shiwangi is a qualified writer and a blogger, who loves to dabble with and write about computers. One of the best things about GrammarBase (apart from the fact that it’s free) is that it can be used directly. Using GrammarBase to check your writing(s) for any kind of Grammatical errors is extremely easy.
If you take a look on the left, you can also see a summarized listing of the grammatical errors found in your write-up. Students and professional writers often need to use the spelling and grammar checking tools to pen-down their thoughts without any grammar or spell errors. It can also help you with your online discussions, online communications, newsletters and business correspondence.

If you need to check your writing style occasionally, use their online tool, but if you use it often, then downloading their desktop software would be a better idea. The program checks grammar and does proofreading in English, French, German, Dutch, Polish and Romanian and many other languages.
After using it for a while, all I want to say is that it is just an average grammar checker tool. I would like to hear from the users of LanguageTool, about how they like it and rely upon its efficacy. While focusing on and writing on technology topics, her varied skills and experience enables her to write on any topics which may interest her. GrammarBase provides you an easy to use and simple method to check your writing for any and all sorts of grammatical errors. As illustrated by the above screenshot, the user interface of GrammarBase, while being quite busy, is as simple as it gets. Once you click on the Start Checking button, GrammarBase works its magic for a few moments, and then returns the errors found. Clicking on any of the items in the list highlights the corresponding error in the writing. Having flawless grammar is one of the fundamental requirements of being proficient in not just English, but any language (your fella here is a Grammar Nazi!). This application can detect errors on the basis of rules defined within their language-specific configuration files. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software, and being careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware is recommended.

It provides accurate detection of various common grammatical flaws like spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, contextual errors etc. Essentially, there’s just a text box where you have to either type, or paste the textual content that you want to check for any kind of grammatical errors. All of the detected instances of Grammatical errors (punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes, incorrect usage of identifiers etc.) are underlined in different colors to distinguish one type of error from another.
As illustrated by the above screenshot, you can simply click on an underlined error to see what kind of error that is (GrammarBase also offers editing services, but they are paid). Copy-paste the text you want to check and the program will come up with the errors in your text.
In addition, GrammarBase can also detect incorrect use of modifiers, prepositions, quantifiers and things like that.
To its right, a simple info graphic clearly explains what GrammarBase is, and what it does.
Once done checking, GrammarBase clearly indicates all the errors found in your writing by highlighting them.
You can also click on a detected error to see a small pop-up that explains what kind of error it is.

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