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When he lost the only woman he’d ever loved, it seemed there was nothing left to live for. Resigned to a future without his former girlfriend, Ben numbs his broken heart in a haze of liquor and women. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Whatever the setting, whatever the character, embrace the unknown and experience the excitement of the fantasy and paranormal romance novel. This is story about love, about relationships, about people and angels, about death and life.
What happens when Prince Charming slides Cinderellaa€™s glass slipper onto the foot of her batty-eyed stepsister?
Since the major threat to their well-being has been destroyed, they assume tranquility will ensue. Nothing to lose, everything to gaina€¦ Multi-Billionaire Russian tycoon Viktor Mackmillian and his family are enjoying a peaceful vacation in Trinidad.
A reader gets sucked into the book she's reading and is trapped, unless she helps the sexy, alpha male hero of the story save his kingdom from destruction.

No one really knew what the owner of the popular bed and breakfast had in mind - even after her death. But when Elizabeth’s plans for benefits without friendship are disarmed by the irritatingly charismatic and chauvinistic Nico Manganiello- her former nemesis- she finds herself struggling to maintain the electric fence around her heart while avoiding electrocution or, worse, falling in love.
But then the only woman who ever even turned his head while he was with his girl reappears unexpectedly. Whether the story is set in the future or in a parallel universe, romance can still blossom when combined with characters with psychic abilities, ghosts or aliens. Fantasy and paranormal romance novels are just two of the many types of free online romance novels on PublicBookshelf. Josie Jackson has been thrown back to the era of the Mongol Empire by Carter, the mastermind behind her trip to the Old West.
Jonny Rodriquez ascended to his position as the Black God mere days after learning he was a Natural, a human with supernatural abilities.
But when his wife is kidnapped he becomes a man on a deadly mission and turns to a werewolf pack for help.
Jack is gone, but his army of blood drinking vampires remains, and now there is someone else in charge. What Naia doesn't know: the story a€“ and its hero a€“ have been expecting her for quite some time.

Fantasy and paranormal romance novels often include science fiction plots and characters like dragons or witches or play with concepts involving magic or time travel. However, when he looked down at her in her crib, cocooned in pink, he could not get himself to just do it.
He gave up all thoughts of a normal life to lead the ongoing struggle between the vampires and immortals. As Evil triumphs over the nations, even so it was foretold to come to pass and yet the end of darkness's reign has already begun. Mark disappears, and Angus and Oliver launch a desperate search for him before he is gone forever. But will Ben’s destructive behavior destroy his future with her before it even begins?

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