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As a parent, the first question is whether your child is old enough, mature enough, or otherwise responsible enough to make a website. If you are going to give the thumbs up to build a kids website, perhaps the most important consideration is making sure your child is protected from both receiving or posting inappropriate information. If you are going to make or authorize the making of a kids website these days, it must easily and seamlessly connect to social media.
Of course, that used to be very expensive and not everybody with a wish to have an online presence via a website could manage that.
You will have access to various design tools including the, very simple, drag and drop platform.
Sumo’s maybe a little slow and bulky, this website builder, however is super fast and quite efficient. If speed impresses you, well, this particular service claims to be the world’s fastest website builder. They know how to use technology from a point and click and process standpoint like no other generation before them, but the art of programming is being lost.
The good news is that the way Doodlekit is set up you don't have to worry about your child coming into contact with or distributing information that is inappropriate.
Earlier, an amateur would not be able to create a website of his own, so one would hire a professional to do the job for him.
These days, however, the internet is the hub of everything, whether it’s information, education, games or other media.
Of course, one cannot try every single one and so it would be hard to pinpoint which ones to go for. You can create an HTML website using the Drag and Drop editor with absolutely no programming.
People without coding knowledge, can establish their online presence using this service without a hassle. All you need to do is select a theme from the vast reservoir provided, drag and drop the elements you need, place them where you think they look absolutely awesome and publish the website. Apart from a normal website, you can even go ahead and create a Facebook fan page using this page builder.
They believe that one should not have to learn all sorts of different languages just to create an amazing website.
The first one is the site builder where you can drag and drop content and create amazing design with the elements you like. That is very evident by the fact that as soon as you visit the website, you have nothing on the screen except a few graphics and a button that says ‘try me’. They have acquired the top designers around the world in order to have their templates created. Nevertheless, this is just one of many issues you must handle as a parent, in connection with your child and all the new technology out there. Who knows how to build anything from scratch using HTML or C++ these days but the parents or even the grandparents? This is because you can make sure that you are always listed as an administrator or co administrator with your child's website. With a few clicks of virtual buttons and a few cut and pastes, your child is instantly connected to her social media, be it Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or the like. The main aim of drag-and-drop website builders is that they give a new meaning to the word easy when it comes to creating a website and setting its layout. They have made it very simple for everyone to create professional and beautiful looking websites with absolutely no creative limit.

If you wish to create your own website, you can just choose a template and start editing and using the drag and drop template, you can easily get the look and feel you desire for a very long time. All you need to do is select a template or preferred design of the website you wish to make.
Upon clicking it, you will be redirected to a standard looking landing page, but the catch is that it is completely editable. We mentioned that you can create HTML5 based website, but rest assured that you do not need any programming knowledge whatsoever. They are equipped with the most easy and friendly website building tools to help you out and they are fully loaded with all sorts of unlimited free support. Its a designing software that helps to generate fully responsive bootstrap powered themes for multiple CMSs. You are already tired enough of dealing with your child's demands for the newest iPhone, Gmail, his own Facebook or Twitter account, or even his own Google+ account.
By being an administrator, you will be able to see anything that is posted in the blogs or forums, or on any pages. We decided to bring to your attention a few of the best online website builders that are free and allow drag-and-drop functionality.
You don’t need coding skills in order to work your way around the interface and get yourself a nice looking website. You can easily promote your website and receive real time results from your website’s performance.
They offer several advanced website building tools including Search Optimization which is essential for traffic to build up on your site.
The website you create via the service will be search engine friendly which means that it will be searchable on Google, Yahoo and Bing altogether. The service offers complete independence to website makers, allowing them to make a website into whatever they ever dreamt of. You can even set up e-commerce websites with Weebly or otherwise if you are looking for a personal blog, you can do so without a hassle.
You will have access to over 200 different templates so you will have a lot of variety to choose from.
You can create a website to market your business, an e-commerce website or otherwise a personal blog or a technical blog. You can go from having no online presence, to having an entire online portfolio within a matter of a few hours. While for the first tool, you can create an entire website without any knowledge of HTML, you can use the HTML editor to get into advanced details, but of course you will need to be an expert in the language. You will have beautiful templates and exceptionally powerful tools to help you out with the process. In fact, many children as young as 6 or 7 have set up their own social media accounts unbeknownst to their parents.
Your kids have no idea what it is like to go into the directory of a C drive to run the right *.exe file to play their favorite games! You will have equal access to all the images, videos, text, and other information with your child. Half of having a website for kids these days is the ability to link all their social media to one location.
A simple point and click editor and, a drag and drop platform will make the experience worth your while. All you need to do is pick out something you like, drag it across the screen to place it where you see fit and type if you have to.

You can even sign up for a 10-day free trial in order to figure out how things work, however, you will not need 10 days since it is absolutely simple and even a newbie into the website world should be able to create a beautiful and professional website.
The third one is Visme where you can create amazing visual content with a few points and click. Additionally, and maybe most importantly, you will be able to edit, delete, or modify anything you want, just as you see fit. With Content Management Systems like WordPress, the process of website development became exceptionally easy and if that was not enough, we now have website builders that allow drag-and-drop.
Once you are done, all you need to do is publish, and you are all set to share the content around the web for free. With hundreds of templates to choose from, the possibility of coming up with a unique and amazing design is very high. It is the right service to give you everything you could ask for when you think up the word ‘website builder’. In fact, some children also have web sites or blogs and their parents know nothing about them.
Which is why your child will do best with a user friendly GUI, like the one Doodlekit offers. The only downside is that you will have to regularly log in to make sure your kids website builder is being used appropriately. An additional advantage to having a kids website maker in you hands that easily links your child's social media is a benefit to you, the parent. There are many free web builder, blogging, and hosting solutions out there that kids can use without the knowledge of their parents. Images, videos, text, color selections from the palate, as well as the bare bones of building your own templates are all point and click, guided by fill in the blanks, and easy to use editors. Keeping up with all the web addresses your child has via her social media accounts can be daunting. With all this said, assuming you have taken control of your child's technology use (or are striving to do so) and you believe he is ready for his own website, we believe Doodlekit is the best Kids Website Builder available. You will quickly surmise that we offer the best website maker for kids, that is simple to learn and easy to follow.
And most importantly, not every parent is computer savvy, so Doodlekit is easy for a parent that knows nothing about computers to follow, understand, and even monitor.
When you sign up and try out Doodlekit for free, you will see that it isn't just a good kids website builder, but a great thing for parents too!
By signing your child up for a Doodlekit website, you are creating just one place you have to go to keep an eye on most of your child's conversations over the Internet. What we are saying is that our web building and hosting solution is both an adult and a kids website maker.
Second, you use all the easy to learn Doodlekit tools to integrate all of your child's social media accounts into her website.
This will basically put Facebook, Google+, and Twitter buttons all in one place (on your child's home page). Hence, you will only have to remember, or bookmark one web domain in order to go and keep an eye on all of your child's social media accounts.

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