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This personalized letter from the Easter Bunny comes by 1st class mail addressed directly to your child and includes FREE stickers! This personalized letter from the Santa Claus comes by 1st class mail addressed directly to your child and includes FREE stickers! Order this letter from the Tooth Fairy now and be prepared for that special day when your child loses his or her first tooth. The nice people at Letters And Gifts From Santa are committed to bringing the true spirit of Christmas to your home through wonderful gift ideas. Make happiness official by sending your child or even your  friends and family a personalized Nice List Certificate. Yes, it is our first and top priority to make sure your child's information is only stored on our server. We use a secure, encrypted website, so you can be assured that ALL information is 100% safe. What happens to the personal information and photos I upload to create this Personalized Video? Each personalized video is tailor-made for each child, there cannot be more than one child for the Personalized Video story line. Simply answer a few personalize questions to help us create your child's Personalized Video. What are the benefits of purchasing the downloadable Keepsake version of the Personalized Video?
The "Santa Video Keepsake" product comes with a HD digital copy of your child's Personalized Video to download.
Can I buy my child's Personalized Video from Santa if I already opted for the Free Personalized Video? If you select the "Keepsake Santa Video" you will be able to download the HD keepsake video. To download your child's Personalized Video, be sure you have purchased the Keepsake package for the HD download.
Please use a valid email!You will need to confirm your email to receive your Santa product(s).

Amaze your child with a Personalized Santa Letter Package sent directly from the North Pole! Your child is gonna freak out when they receive a personalized phone call from Santa himself! Then, check your email for a Free Magical Letter from Santa Package* as our way of saying thanks!
Santa can personalize details specific to your child including: your child's name, gender, age, hometown, accomplishment, present, and best friend's name!We have Five FREE unique Santa Letters to choose from, great if you want Santa to write to more than one child in a household! It’s that time of the year when the naughty people regret their bad decisions and the nice people reap the benefits of their jovial ways. They offer a package for your Baby’s First Christmas, Tube Gifts, Packages from Santa, Webkinz Sacks from Santa, Family Packages, Gift Packages for Families, and this year they even offer a Nice List Certificate and Pre-Christmas Package so you can start spreading holiday cheer earlier. Your information is used internally for our site, and NEVER sold or given to other companies. During the process, you can upload 2 photos (highly recommend it) that will be shown in the video.
After you have created your Santa video, simply login to your member account and click into your Order History.
But, if you decide you'd like to upgrade to a keepsake video, simply login to your member account to upgrade.
Once the terms and conditions have been accepted and the transaction is complete, modifications can no longer be made to any information or pictures. Santa Claus has seen his list and checked it twice and he has decided to offer DealTicker fans a great opportunity to extend some holiday cheer. Experience the fascinating magic created by the arrival of the personalized Nice List Certificate. It's easy, and a great way to share your memorable video with family and friends everywhere! We offer a choice of a Free Printable Letter from Santa or a High Resolution Printable Letter from Santa with a personalised envelope.
Christmas may not be until December 25th, but did you know that Santa arrives on December 6th in many European countries traditions and brings sweets for the Good children?

Encourage your child in his good behavior, and help promote the spirit of Christmas and the belief in Santa Claus with this gift idea. What better excuse to start celebrating Christmas a little earlier this year than with today's National DealTicker deal of the day! Imagine the look on your child’s face when they receive a personalized letter from the North Pole!
Whose face could you light up with a letter from Santa this Christmas year?A Santa Letter is not only for children; why not send one to a grown up and put a smile on their face too!
And because we offer the choice of a free printable letter from Santa or a free Santa Letter email, you're sure to bring a smile to people's faces this Christmas whether they're near or far!
Create a Free Letter From SantaHere are some kind words from satisfied parents around the world:"My name is Michelle and I just want to tell you how great your send a letter from Santa is. I am not sure if they believe in the unbelievable, but I do know that after reading their letters they are well on the way."-- Michelle"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your lovely service of letters from Santa. My daughter, now 4, is really getting into Christmas this year and I think she'll get a huge kick out of getting a letter from the big guy.
I can't wait for her to get home from school this afternoon to find it!"-- Tracy"Just used your Letters to Santa website and wanted to say what a fantastic idea it is. Many Thanks on behalf of my little ones for making Christmas extra special."-- Rachel"Thank you for the Santa letter.
It's his first Christmas where he's old enough to really know what's going on."-- Andrew"Thanks for the free Santa Letter!!!!! My daughter will love it."-- Karen"Absolutely thrilled with the personalised letter from santa for my daughter, thankyou, will be putting my friends on to your site!"-- Marianne"Thankyou for providing this wonderful service.

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