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This bid sheet allows you to display images and descriptions of all the items in a package. In order to personalize and brand your website we have included 4 color skins which you can choose from in the admin area ( red, blue, green and yellow ).
If you want more features and search, track, analyze and snipe multiple eBay auctions, try the Pro edition.
We are offering a fully developed PHP auction software with well designed, easy customizable templates for the lowest price in the market. When you print the bid sheet for an auction package, the resulting pdf will follow the template options you have defined. You can add additional sign-up sheets, select the paper size, and define the sign-up columns. Note that the items span two pages, and that an additional sign-up sheet is provided (not shown here).

Now updated in 2012 with more functions and extra admin options, this script has to be seen to be believed.
It offers all the features and functions you would expect from a high quality proven and tested website script. You can set your websites name, upload your company logo and set your PayPal email simply with a few clicks.
Registration emails and passwords are all taken care of for you by the software, so no need for you to send out emails ( unless you want to ). They provide Curl & Pear which is needed for some of our scripts and is an ideal platform for our scripts.
There are others selling similar scripts, and even at a higher price, but none offer the full functions and ability of our ebay script along with the support we provide. You can choose to have a registration fee, OR a listing fee, OR just a commission on the final sale fee OR any combination of some or all of the forementioned.

General features included: BUY-it-Now function, Dutch fixed price, Main page featured auctions, Multi gallery feature and so on. You can set a price for Store subscriptions and even sell advertising space on your website and insert a banner ad with a few simnple clicks.
Alternatively you can always send us your infor after payment by using the contact us form. Also try to compare our auction software to auction software packages costing $500 - $1500 and more. We guarantee the QUALITY product + Installation + Support service for the best possible price.

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