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The light turns off leaving you with a white screen glowing with images of a messy desktop. Idea Flight is a free iPad application that enables you to quickly share ideas, documents, presentations and designs from one iPad to many. Connect On The Fly: Idea Flight has an inbuilt Passengers List that allows the Pilot along with the Passengers to connect through LinkedIn.
You can send emails directly with Idea Flight to invite people to your presentation and also make them to download the Idea Flight app.
You can display your presentation on an external monitor to large audiences, as well as simultaneously on up to 16 iPads through Wi-Fi and 4 iPads through Bluetooth.
You can direct presentations in locked mode and also unlock it to allow passengers to tap, scroll, or replay the presentation. Idea Flight is an excellent iPad Presentation Application which is an absolute must for all Business Tycoons. SlideGrabber is an ultimate iPad presentation app that enables you to take photos of the slides and make notes out of them.
SlideGrabber is an excellent iPad Presentation app that enables you to capture each and every slide so that you do not attend a presentation second time for just a single missed slide.
SlideRocket Player is an extensively unmatchable iPad Presentation App that allows you to view your presentations offline.
Presentation Viewer is another free iPad app that enables you to show Presentations on a Projector, Monitor or TV to large audiences. Presentation Viewer is a nice iPad Presentation App that lets you show presentations on Projector, Monitor or TV right from your iPad. Xavier Presentation is a simple yet effective iPad Presentation App that allows you to direct the experience of an audience right from your iPad. 10 sources free powerpoint templates themes, Looking for free powerpoint templates for your next presentations? Effective presentation techniques – top 10, We have condensed all of the presentation techniques down to the most effective. 14 powerpoint presentation tips ppt designs, Improve your powerpoint presentation skills with these powerpoint creation and design tips and free templates.. 10 great websites free powerpoint templates, Powerpoint king presentation software.
Free powerpoint templates - microsoft powerpoint, These beautiful free powerpoint templates personal presentations create .
Free powerpoint templates -- ppt template set 1, Features large gallery free powerpoint templates powerpoint template kits !

You nervously guide the mouse towards the file you so diligently worked on last night and double-click on a familiar little icon. The Pilot (who controls the multiple screens) iPad controls the content before, during and after the gathering.
You just need to make sure that the content is saved as a PDF File and can be easily accessed through Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing or email.
Use the Passenger List as a virtual cheat sheet and add attendees to your LinkedIn network while your gathering is underway. It sometimes, happens with many of us that we attend a particular presentation a second time only because we could not make enough notes while attending for the first time.
SlideGrabber makes this task easier by allowing the functionality of contrasting automatically, cropping automatically, color adjustment and many more. Be it at conferences, client offices, or even commuting, SlideRocket Player has been extensively incredible. The Master iPad takes the control of documents that are downloaded from server, flow of the presentation, thereby managing form results. As the presentation starts up, you look to the crowd and clench your fists tightly waiting for your speech to begin.
With this excellent app, you can easily direct the experience of an audience right on your iPad. We often miss to grasp the content completely, only because a slide disappears before we could fully seize the content. In addition, you can also create a PDF with your slides and notes using this excellent iPad Presentation App, thereby emailing those PDFs to yourself and your colleagues for future reference.
With SlideRocket, you can show your PowerPoint Presentation anywhere, anytime online or offline. The audience looks at you, and then fixates their eyes on the screen with a look indicating that something is wrong.
To search for free one is easy, however, searching the best free iPad Presentation apps is a bit time-consuming task. They seek permission from the Master iPad to through Wi-Fi to view its presentations and other contents.
Some weird error you've never heard of shows up and you end up with a 3-hour delay.Often times we overlook the importance of technology in our presentations.
In addition, with its intelligent analytical skills, this iPad Presentation app keeps you informed about where and when someone has looked at your presentation. We work so assiduously on our research, on citations, and of course, our public speaking skills that we often forget that without the technology we won’t be able to convey our message.

The advantage of installing any of these iPad Presentation apps is that you can enjoy all these at ZERO COST!!. And, while everyone talks about LibreOffice Impress, Google Docs, and the dreaded MS Office, no one really mentions the mobile tools that help make the difference. Once installed, you can use your Android smartphone as a remote control for your presentations.
Equally functional with Linux, Mac, and Windows, PowerPoint OpenOffice Remote also lets you preview the presentation right from your phone. Overall, even though the app serves as a perfect remote control device for your presentations, the lack of Bluetooth support in the free version does leave a lot to be desired. In that case, of course, you can always download the premium version, which isn't that expensive after all.DOWNLOAD HEREPresenterPresenter is a platform-independent presentation controller for Android that lets you view and control MS Office and OpenOffice slides via Bluetooth. The app connects to the PC using a simple barcode thus making it one of the easiest apps to connect to the desktop. Other than that, the app also supports gestures and volume keys thus making it easier to switch between different slides.DOWNLOAD HEREPresentation TimerIf you have trouble keeping track of time while presenting, then this app is perfect for you. Though it works only with Windows, it comes with a lot of features that make it worth your money. Secondly, the app displays the slides on your phone thus making it simpler for you to browse through the rest of your presentation. With intuitive controls in QuickPoint, the popular application lets you create full-fledged presentations (along with charts, bullet lists etc.) while on the go. You can then share the presentation with your colleagues via Dropbox, email, Bluetooth, or SMS. With over 400 million users worldwide, and with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, Quickoffice is one of the best choices for creating and sharing presentations on the go. You can, if you want, use Quickoffice Pro alongside the aforementioned PPT OpenOffice Remote app to make your presentations completely mobile, that is, without even touching a desktop!
Cool huh?DOWNLOAD HEREWritten by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.

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