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Celebrate class of 2016 graduation accomplishment in style with these unique diy graduation invitations. DesignBetty's collection of design templates can be used for college & university graduation invitations, high school or homeschool or elementary graduation announcements. Free Printable Preschool Diploma, great diploma to give to children that just learned basic skills and completed the preschool. Recommended by a teacher friend….Thanks for helping me in a pinch with awards K-6 Sp Ed!!! Don't just buy a set of old traditional graduation announcements that everyone has been using for the last 20 years.
DesignBetty has hundreds of designs for graduation invitations, graduation announcements, graduation party invitations, we have every design you could need and more.

A very useful free diploma to save money at home school, small private schools, education programs and organizations. You can also customize your text for specific institutes and degree such as medical, nursing, and law school.
Our online invitation software let you get the most out of your invites and allow you to personalize it with your own photo, full color and announcement wording. Print this beautiful Preschool Diploma free using your laser or inkjet printer at best quality settings and quality certificate paper, and give to the children and parents the day of graduation or promotion ceremony. Start now and select a graduation invitation design and make your own perfect invite for your celebrations.
The free printable PDF file can be download instantly to print at home on your own inkjet printer or at a local printer.

The PDF document includes form fields to make easy to write directly in the PDF the student’s name, school, signature and date. The templates are free or at minimal cost and will leave a lasting impression for your guests.

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