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Everyone likes to get something for free, especially if that something is a gift card to the retailer of your choice! If you’re trying to figure out how to get free gift cards without any out-of-pocket expense at all, then what you need to do is learn the tricks to getting free gift cards online. One such site is Rewards1, where you can “sign up free and earn points by completing surveys, which you use to cash in for rewards! Finally, any article about how to get free gift cards online wouldn’t be complete without mentioning MySurvey. Whatever site you choose to get free gift cards online, remember to carefully choose a reputable company. Always remember that a genuine consumer research site will NEVER ask you for a credit card number or social security number. If for some reason your camera won't grab the code, you can tap You can also enter your code manually and enter the code as shown below.
Just like redeeming App Store gift cards, if your camera won't grab the code, you can enter it manually through the iTunes app as well by following the exact same steps. Thanks, for the tip, I noticed this a couple of months back and thought that this was a great long awaited addition. If you purchase more than 3 Visa Gift Cards in the same order, you will not be able to get the free shipping discount. If you purchase 3 Visa Gift Cards and select USPS First Class Mail shipping, your total will be $1,520.82. Yes, a PIN can be set on these and they can be loaded to Serve at Walmart – I just did some this week.

Gift cards are so popular that, according to the TowerGroup research firm, sales totals for the gift cards will hit the $100 billion mark by 2012 (Washington Post, 12-27-10). Discover Card, for example, allows you to accumulate points when you purchase items with their credit card. Although scams are abundant, there are some legitimate consumer research firms that will indeed give you free gift cards online in exchange for your time.
This site sends you emails each day (if you opt in) and you get 5 points just for clicking on each email. MySurvey, for example, is part of Lightspeed Research, both owned by WPP, one of the world’s leading communications services groups. Getting a free gift card online through a legitimate source will require that you honestly take surveys, but never provide personal financial information that could open you up to identity theft. This may need to be used on older cards where or in some countries where codes are presented differently.
If you purchase more, then you need to pay for shipping (which should be discounted by the coupon). After reading the first page of comments, it looks like the 4th order in a month got canceled.
After you consider the interest charges you’re paying on that credit card, for example, is the free gift card really free at all? Usually that time investment is you taking online surveys, but sometimes all you have to do is click on emails or watch short videos. Of course, if you actually buy what the email is advertising you’ll earn more points but a purchase is never required to get the 5 points minimum.

If you find yourself on a site that’s asking for personal information like this, shut down that window immediately and then check out the safe sites listed above. If you are worried, call Citi and have them lower your cash advance limit to $0 on your credit cards.
In like manner, some pharmacies will reward you with a free gift card when you switch your prescription over to them. MyPoints also awards points for taking surveys, watching 30-second commercials on their site, and for accepting free samples. Depending on the length of the survey, members earn between 5 and 600 points for completing a survey. Has anyone ordered and received great than 8k in a calendar month, in a 30 day period, especially in a 30 day period beginning with their ‘start date’ based on first order? They posted a funny photo and the Rewards1 member who came up with the funniest caption won $20 cash. What makes MyPoints unique is that they allow you to print grocery coupons from their site and you earn 10 points for each coupon you redeem at the store. What makes MySurvey unique is that each time you complete a survey you are entered into a monthly drawing for a prize of their choice. This month, for example, they’re giving away a COBY DVD Player with Karaoke Function.

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