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Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of May 2008 Writing Content 79 Earlier today I was asked to take a look at a blog of a reader to give it a critique. On opening each post I saw that at the bottom of each post was a paragraph byline from an author with links back to their own websites. The free article website then allows any website owner to republish those articles as long as they do so with the links that are in them in tact. A key to growing blogs is unique and useful information – if you want to grow a blog into a profitable and sustainable venture you need to provide your readers with useful and unique information. Blog readers will subscribe and become loyal to a blog when they feel a personal connection and want to track with someone over the long haul. With that approach I feel as if I am providing a service to my readers without running the risk of duplicating content.I would never publish a free article that is duplicated elsewhere. I agree with Barbara Ling that it only takes a bit of time to research and create an original article on a subject. This way you are able to provide your spin or some commentary on the subject which is why your readers come to you and not someone else.I believe that using free articles is a lazy way out – why even have a blog if you are just copying the work of others? I am drawn to content that has a personal voice, that builds on relationship that I might have previously had with an author etc.

However the diff in my mind is that I choose guest posters who I think have something unique and valuable to add to the conversation on my blog. I’ve seen blog after blog languish in the bottom of the SE results for publishing generic kind of content and have never seen a site rise through the ranks with free articles. But I guess what you can do is, read the article and write your own version or just do research and then write it.
Also I am getting the impression they are a bit like safelists as I used to post to millions of safelists and groups online for other websites I had and I never had any feedback or signups to my programs. Using free articles without any editorial control makes about as much sense as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists republishing cookie recipes.
Are these newspapers, television station Web sites and other online publishers crying foul? If you occasionally stumble upon a well-written free article that fits the general scope of your blog and would benefit your readers, there is no harm in including it.
Blogs should be personal and unique.Those sites are really designed for people publishing newsletters and collections of information.
For example, if a teacher wants to start a newsletter out to all of her colleagues, she doesn’t have time to write 10 articles a week and shes not getting paid.

Why not just grab some fun (free) articles about games to play with students or success stories from other teachers? I have been study Article Marketing for 2 weeks now.Finally I am going to put this altogether. Your article was definitely Informative, right on time.Bless you for that information at the right time and place. I personally feel that all of your content should be unique to give your site a “voice.” Nice statements. If you have done and you are already full confidence about you traffic … now you are ready to discard the free articles.
After reading your points, I will reconsider again next time and avoid to republish the same article contents in my blog as in a long term, it will bring harm to my blog as well.Older Comments Comments are closed for this post.

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