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My new year started off great when I found my work up on Oopsy Daisy's site - even in cute styled shots (see the mermaid on the beach?). Target recently contacted me (via a contact made at SURTEX) to send them "my book" to share with their creative team.
I've been working recently on a ton of licensing and children's illustration projects (guess people are back to spending money again before their budget year is up).
I haven't posted to Illustration Friday for a while, but since this week's topic is "pattern" I couldn't resist. Surtex is officially one month away and I still have a ways to go, but I;m feeling really good about my progress so far.
The above is a thank you postcard I designed last week to send to clients after I work with them (this is for my licensing clients - I have a different one I use for my children's illustration clients).
I've been able to flush out my booth design in the last few days and I'm feeling pretty good about how I'll have it organized. One thing I really love about licensing is you can draw one thing way back when, and use it for something, use it for something else, and then take it use it for something else.
The above is my full color logo that reflects they type of work I've been getting ready for my licensing portfolio.
I love when you just stick stuff on a scanner, do a little in photoshop and it becomes something cool. I licensed a few Junk A Doodles® with them and can't wait to get my hands on the actual canvases.
My 3-ring binder of samples or my black leather portfolio was not going to be good enough for them, no, no.
I'm a big fan of these and I was so excited to see her email newsletter this morning announcing her latest product: Product Mock-Up Magic. I love this circus pattern and the little plush lion as a mock-up of what could be done with a character. I am getting them printed through Overnight prints since they did an awesome job with my business cards. I do have to keep telling myself that it's not a one-shot deal for me, they have Surtex every year and it's not my last trip to New York, so don't try and cram everything in while I'm there. The first image is a tag I put on the back of the baby gifts I make, I then later took it and put it in my doodle+daddies™ collection and then reworked it for a shower invite.I've been doing more Surtex planning and feel a little more confident and in control of it now. I've been scouring the web seeing what other artists have done with their trade show booth. It's nice to do something a little different from drawing kids :)I have totally engulfed myself in the licensing world and what I've been finding out is that there are a gazillion companies out there that license work and there is this air of secrecy that surrounds the entire industry from both artist and companies. They have been on my client wish list for quite a while and I'm glad my persistence and follow-up paid off. I needed something that said "Hey, look at me!", showed off my style from the front to the back and incorporated my love for found objects, lettering & color, so I created an entire customize album (that I can use later) where the contents can be easily edited and expand to any size.
My licensing manager made the lion and I love how it turned out!!I'm going to try and post everyday until Surtex and plan on blogging and tweeting from there too! I used my skills from my environmental design class in college to work up a to scale elevation of the booth:The green areas are what I already have printed out, the pink areas are what I still need to print out, the blue areas are signage and the orange areas are things I need to mock-up (I'm still working on my last panel though). I hope to get them early next week and I'll show the final product then (along with my Surtex postcards!).Exactly one month from today I'll be on my way to NY for Surtex.
So the first thing I wrote in my sketchbook when planning my booth was:I need to ingrain this into my brain.
I've found some great references here (includes great tips too!), here, here, here, here,here, here and here.
We painted every inch of it, glued about 800 + shingled on and "hung" the wall paper for every room (spray mount and scrapbook paper).
These will appear in an assignment I'm working on and also future pattern designs for licensing.
I want to go ahead and get some promos out there and then figure out what my next step is for promotion. So excited about this new relationship!Tomorrow I'll show you a detailed look at the Valentine's placemats I did for them - super cute!
I've struggled with getting images together to mock up and honestly, I just don't have time time.

With everything I have going on, I've brought on a Licensing Manager who will allow me to have more time being creative. I understand that some artist have to keep their licensing partners confidential due to specific contract agreements but when you can't see any of a companies or artist's work unless you are a manufacturer, that seems a little weird to me. I don't think postcards are the entire way to go for this type of work so I'm coming up with some other ideas. I had a professor in college who had made this really cool portfolio that turned into a house (as part of her application for a architectural graduate program) and when it came back to her, she said the person looking through it must have been eating a snickers bar.
And my philosophy is if you don't have time, get some one else to do it for you, and Tara has done that. I'll have a book with all my designs in it, and I only need to show my best and most relevant work on the walls. Thanks to google maps, I can now see exactly where I'll be staying in relation to the Jarvis Center and scoping out the best way to get there. I tried to search for the person who had my booth last year but the layout seems to be different so I couldn't find them. She seems just as excited as I am which makes me more excited!I've also feel in love (it's become an obsession actually) with making repeat patterns. I totally get why they do it that way, but I'm wondering if people are hurting their business by being so hush-hush (visually and informationally).
I've found a lot of companies who have take email submissions so I've emailed them my tearsheets. I have a meeting with an attorney tomorrow about it all and then I'll start making some contacts and getting my work out there.
I like this better than sending it out somewhere and hoping it looks good when it's all done. I also realized that I may need to take things down after each show and keep them in the secure area of Surtex or take them back to my hotel room. I plan on doing a lot of walking to avoid cab fees so hopefully the weather will be good while we're there.For promoting, we're still researching more companies trying to get a list together for a postcard mailing. One of the things I'm going to do during Surtex it twitter during it to give everyone first hand accounts on the show. I did find that Carol Eldridge had a corner booth once and this is what she did.My main focus for Surtex is presentation. We equipped the house with a kitchen so far and will continue to furnish it here and there. I'm in no way telling people how to run their business (I still have secrets under my belt) and maybe they've been burned in the past? It's been fun watching my stats as these companies come to visit my site.I've also loved having the opportunity to just play. She is so thorough so anyone not totally familiar with Photoshop can easily follow her steps to help grow a licensing business. Yesterday the need for that came to the forefront of my mind again when I read Ellen's post on someone stealing her design book.
I want to send out 2 or 3 mentioning Surtex, just not sure who on my list I should send them too.
So, I purchased Tara Reed's e-book and my memory was instantly refreshed on those few simple steps. I think I feel this way because I've always had an "open" portfolio and freely talk about my experiences in the illustration field.
The product will ship on October 21st, but go ahead and pre-order it now because you'll save $20.
SURTEX planning officially starts next Tuesday so I'll try and document my planning in a timely manner. I've been able to break more rules and get out of the ridgidness (is that a word?) I've put myself into with children's illustration. I've cut everything out and will later mount it all on boards:This week I also worked on some postcards for Surtex. So keeping this in mind I started sketching and making notes:Like I've said before I'll have a corner booth and as of last week the local has been changed. I know I don't want to spend a lot of money because I don't think I would use any or much of it again.

I'm loving it!I have big plans and expectations for my licensing work and I've been tackling it like I did when I first started out to become an illustrator.
I'm throwing out all my old mock-up because I never really liked how they turned out and these from Tara are so much better. I decided not to use the USPS postcards like i normally do because I'll be writing small notes on some of the mailers and I couldn't do that with the others. Since the National Stationery Show is at the same time and location as Surtex, I'll be getting together special samples for those companies coming over to our show.
I know I want some kind of dimension to it rather than just flat panels and am considering mocking up some products to display.
Anyone else get this vibe about the licensing industry?I had a great, awesome, long-overdue, meet-up with an old professor of mine from college. Click here to learn more and purchase.In the past I have also purchased Tara's repeat pattern e-book to refresh my memory on how to make patterns (hadn't done it since collage and I totally forgot how). One is a mailer I plan to get out next week (we went through names yesterday and have about 220 people to send to), a bio postcard to hand out as giveaways and I had extras printed to include in any samples we mail, and thank you postcards (for Surtex and later). I want at least one dimensional element on each panel just some my booth is more dynamic and not too flat. I'm also trying to think of some kind of shelving system and 3-D elements so everything isn't just flat against the wall. I think it is a must-have and patterns are very addictive to make!!She also has this cool affiliate program with all her products too so you can refer people to her products, get paid for it and use that money to buy more of her resources.
For the design I went with a design I originally went with last year:I still have to print my other giveaway goodies, so hopefully I'll get to all that next week.
It's been a challenge since it needs to be lightweight, compact and not much assembly needed when we get there.I have to admit that my mind has been all over the place with licensing.
It will be a long drive from Nashville to Manhattan but being my first show, I don't want the added stress of worrying about having my display getting lost in the mail or the airport, plus I'd like the opportunity to bring some back up things like a printer, etc. Over the last 8 years I've been periodically googling her seeing what she was up to and couldn't find anything. She has a sales background and is used to the phone call, meet and greet scene (something I'm not into and don't like very much) plus, I'll have someone to travel with for trade shows and such. This will be my first visit to New York and I would like to see a few things while I'm there but need to keep in mind that I will be back and I don't have to see everything in a day. When I started thinking seriously about licensing, I thought about how great it would be to pick her brain since I remembered she had dealt with licensing and product development for a company. I'm working on rubber stamps, greeting cards, partyware and even product development ideas to show.
I received some print samples from overnight prints and I really like the satin finish on them.
Well, low and behold, while doing my research on licensing, I happened to find her on the staff page of a licensing agency. I'll be sharing what all she's doing for me throughout the process.Thanks to everyone for the "good luck" and "advice" emails. I kind of have everything in layers on one photoshop file so I need to get them all separated first - UGH!3) Get my listing set up on the Surtex site which I have done. Last week I purchased a few things to use and am constantly on the look out for other things I can use.
If I didn't learn about spray mount or have a packaging design class in school, I would be totally lost on how to mock anything up. I'm also trying to get as much work out there and submitted before Surtex so I can go ahead and be "seen" plus "introduce" myself to those going to Surtex. I'm still panning on unveiling some new designs specifically at Surtex so I can use that teaser as a promo too.I've also been looking at who will be my booth neighbors. So far it seems a little empty around me but hopefully those will fill up with last minute exhibitors.

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