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You are heartily welcome to attend our worship services to receive the vital knowledge of God's salvation which he has revealed in His holy and divine Word. It is our prayer that this website may give glory to God, and help promote His church and kingdom. This modern brick veneer building, seating 400 people, was constructed in the late 1990s to accommodate a second congregation within Albany's rapidly growing Free Reformed Church community. The organ was built in 1913 by Frederick Taylor, Melbourne, for the Methodist Church, Mount Gambier, South Australia.
As a result of a listing on the Redundant Organs Register of OHTA, it was acquired in 2009 by Jake Maring for the Free Reformed Church of West Albany, who installed it in the Free Reformed Church of West Albany in 2010-11 on a purpose-built rear gallery. As church, we believe that God has placed us in this, His beautiful country, with the calling to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The Reformation was a reaction against the power of tradition in the church and strongly promoted the validity of the Bible as God’s Word for our complete personal, church and social life.
The Free Reformed Churches accept everything that is written in the Bible to be the Word of God. Great care is taken for a good explanation of the Bible where every personal thought and feeling must be compared with and submitted to the original text.

The church consists of sinful people who time and again are called to return to the Lord and His Word. The church maintains good order in church life by adhering to the commonly accepted Church Order.
The church has a calling to pass on the riches of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others by means of mission and outreach.
The church aims to be united with those churches who want to serve the Lord obediently according to His Holy Word. Schools have been established so that the children could receive an education based on the fear of the Lord and the truth of the Bible. A graphic made for our Church Facebook page on the Monday following Rev D Poppe’s sermon on Jeremiah 31.
This modern brick building was originally built in the mid-1960s, then enlarged in the mid-1970s into a wide, lofty church capable of accommodating 500 people.
The organ, originally a single manual instrument with seven stops and pedal pulldowns, was built in 1961 by Verschueren Orgelbouw, Heythuysen, Holland, for the Free Reformed Church, Rotterdam. This website gives some information about our Church, our faith and confessions, the psalms and hymns we sing, and also some contact details and an address should you like to visit us.

We believe that God rules over all things and that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God. They accept Jesus Christ as Lord of the church.  They believe that they are part of the one, holy, universal, Christian Church which Jesus Christ, as Son of God, gathers in this world. That Reformation was an extensive movement in Europe to reform the existing church, with reformers such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli.
It teaches us everything we need to know about how God saves His people from their sin and how we must live and worship Him in response. This is helpfully summarised in the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dort which our church subscribes to and teaches from. It was installed in the newly enlarged Albany Church in 1974 by the church's organist John Plug and F.J.

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