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Credit Free Homes Atlanta specializes in providing affordable housing for the estimated 80% of people who cannot get a traditional bank loan.We understand that there are good people with good job history and references who are paying rent because they cannot get qualified for a bank loan.
We look for people who have been on their jobs for at least 2 years or more and have a down payment saved up for their very own home! This program offers those who may not qualify for a traditional bank loan a unique opportunity to eventually own a home.

A minimum 1% down payment is required before move in on every home unless a 3.5% (or more) down payment is able to be put down towards the asking price of the home. This program allows you to get in the home ownership program with part of the required down payment, having time to pay off your down payment, while getting credits toward the purchase from your on time rental payments. We offer an optional Work for Equity program that allows you to do some fix-up in exchange for a lower down payment.

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