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Romance Books Unlimited is a small online business, specializing in digital downloads of romance books, in the most popular formats of epub, adobe pdf, and mobi reader. An online digital ecommerce solution in delivering romance books, in the forms of memberships, to our new and existing global clientele.
In addition to our popular $1.99 cents romance books, we give our customers the opportunity, to purchase their favorite series as a lifetime book club.
We've been in the business, for many years now, establishing many relationships, with the authors, and the respectiveness of their hard work. Clients of our global and local markets, can purchase several memberships from our websites, as well as come into one of our retailers in our local markets, and set up their memberships, quickly and easily.
What this means, is you can download romance books unlimited, from your favorite authors, favorite series, for one lifetime price.
They are our biggest publisher, and we have the most popular reads of Harlequin, from classic novels, all the way to the current 2015 reads. We want you to read the most popular romance books online, that can't be found with our pricing module. We go to the publishers, before distributing any products or services, requesting proper permissions, and licensing where applicable. Romance Books Unlimited, is here to save our clients, time, money, along with access to unlimited Romance Novels online and offline for your personal needs.

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