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Our pedestrian barriers are made to last, using the Smartweld technology that adds to their durability and strength.
We are sure that you will be happy with our services, but if for some reason you are not, we promise to put it right with no extra fee!
Our most popular construction site hoardings consist of reinforced wooden boards able to withstand enormous pressure, combined with wooden posts strongly set in concrete. We can provide temporary hoardings to increase security around your vacant property, screening the area from prying eyes and reducing the temptation to vandals. Safe Site Facilities are also able to provide a range of temporary hoardings, including the Heras Readyhoard system. Site hoardings are not only restricted to building and construction sites, temporary hoardings are also a useful tool to create secure areas during a music festival or country event. Whatever your hoarding requirements, Safe Site Facilities’ expert team are able to provide a solution. Our EVO 80 road barriers are a cost-effective, easy to transport and quick to deploy solution for delineation, and rerouting pedestrian and vehicular traffic, at a wide variety of sites and outdoor events. Available for purchase or hire and delivered nationwide, our 80cm high EVO 80 barriers comprise purpose-made top grooves so they can be used alongside our mini mesh fencing panels, and reflective post and plank systems, providing additional security and safety.
Ineffectively secured vacant properties are always at risk from vandals, habitation by squatters or an undisturbed location for drug takers.
The actions of vandals and squatters often lead to pools of broken glass within a property, increasing the risk of injury to a site clearance team. The SAFE RITE Project Management e-Kit is available FREE to all SAFE RITE Owner Builder Course participants.
TheA images below, A are screen shots of our pre-programmed Project Management e-Kit that consist ofA  online calculators, e-Diary, cash flow manager and bar chart. Your FREE SAFE RITE Basic Cost Calculator will help you calculate areas and quantities easily. Your FREE SAFE RITE Bar Chart will help you manage your project by properly planning and scheduling trades, services and materials.
SAFE RITE is the only Owner Builder course provider in Australia with the experience in construction and safety to offer our owner builders a FREE comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) template.

This SWMS blank template is designed for easy use and will help you comply with the new Work Health & Safety (WHS) legislation that came into effect in NSW on January 1st , 2012. This is why it is important to create safe and noticeable walkways for them to ensure that they stay out of danger.
The interlocking design of these barriers, along with anti-slip feet, makes them a suitable choice for construction sites as they are versatile and strong enough to bear the rough site conditions. Building site hoardings are an important device to not only conceal and increase security on your site, but also to protect the public from the building works and hazards going on within the area. These site hoardings cannot be removed without the aid of machinery, ensuring peace of mind for any constructor. Our property hoardings can be painted to any colour of your choice, perhaps to match your company’s colours or to blend in with the surrounding landscape.
These temporary steel fence panels provide an alternative to wooden hoarding, and are a re-useable cost effective alternative. Unlike temporary mesh fencing, temporary hoardings may be used as a screening material, such as to conceal waste collection areas.
Our skilled team can swiftly erect and hoarding to ensure your site remains safe and secure at all times. Call Safe Site Facilities’ experienced and friendly team today for no obligation advice and a free project quote. Site clearance of such premises poses its own risks; at Safe Site Facilities we provide a complete site clearance service to include the safe removal and disposal of waste and sharps. Drug takers often leave behind an array of needles, syringes and other hazards that present a very real health hazard from highly infectious pathogens such as Hepatitis and HIV which can cause serious and even fatal health problems.
Safe Site Facilities are skilled in the safe removal of all waste and hazards from all types of property – be it residential, commercial or industrial, to include the safe clearance and disposal of broken glass and other dangerous sharps and hazardous materials. Not only are our clearance teams well trained in how to locate and safely remove any sharps and needles, we are licensed to dispose of all sharps waste. Used by accountants and financial planners , this easy to use cash management system will help keep track every dollar and help maintain your budget. This e-diary helps you record your site activities, workers, contact numbers, insurance policies, sub contractors, site deliveries, simple site instructions and more.

Pre-programmed to help you work our floor areas, volumes, rates and costs including GST, this great tool will help you properly plan and cost your project.
The pedestrian barriers offered at Safe Site Facilities are the ideal solution for creating these safe walkways at construction sites to clearly indicate where workers would be safe and out of potential danger. You can either hire or purchase them and choose to install them manually on your own or professionally by our team. A selection of anti climb products may also be applied to the site hoardings, providing additional protection against intruders to your site. Providing more privacy to your site than the traditional mesh Heras fencing, the durable Readyhoard fencing is available in a range of colours, steel gauges and finishes. Whichever you select, you can choose to fill deployed EVO barriers with sand instead of water, for additional weight and resistance against impacts or attempted maneuvering. Sharps disposal must be carried out with the greatest of care, and all sharps disposed of safely and legally. The clearance of sharps is a dangerous business; just one false move could result in life threatening injury. This site e-diary is indispensible for all potential owner builders who want an easy wayA  to record and protect their interests. If you have any more questions about our pedestrian barriers, simply fill out our form and we will have our representative contact you at the earliest. As a licensed waste carrier we offer a comprehensive sharps disposal service to include sharps bin disposal and syringe and needle clearance. Don’t take the risk, call Safe Site Facilities today for a first class sharps removal service.

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