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Brazil is famous for a number of things, but when it comes to health and exercise Brazil is most famous for its beautiful women, hunky men and sunny beaches. So you may be in for an eye-popping experience if you visit Brazil and see ample-sized women wearing bikinis and men with beer bellies spilling over the tops of their Speedos.
Brazil's booming economy has spawned a consumer class of people who can afford to eat fast food constantly and eat out regularly.
Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions? Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it? In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version.

Brazilians are getting fatter and fatter, and in a country with a fondness for cosmetic surgery and breeding supermodels it is rather embarrassing. The obesity rates in Rio, Sao Paulo and Brasilia where the working class has busy schedules means they also have less time for exercise and are buying more packaged, salty and sugary foods. It is evident the teenagers are doing something right so lets go down the list of the types of activities do in terms of exercise. Teenagers ride bicycles (or rollerblades or skateboards) everywhere because they don't have a car yet. Again, like the bicycle teenagers will walk to where they need to go when they don't have a car. If you're staying inside and watching TV or on the internet constantly the chances you have an expanding waistline go up dramatically.

They basically won't eat anything that they think is disgusting, too fattening or maybe they just don't know how it was made and don't trust it.
But give Brazil a decade or two and they may be waddling around like the Americans already do. If team sports aren't your thing try archery, boxing, dancing, martial arts, yoga or activities you can do alone. Or you could even adopt the Traditional Brazilian Diet of manioc root, sweet potatoes, fish and fruits.

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