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Last Updated Jul 12 2011 the cross-platform browser plug-in that delivers breakthrough Web experiences to over 99% of Internet users.
With a constantly growing influx of new technologies in the digital marketing industry, job responsibilities of SEOs are no longer focused around the on-page keyword integration and off-page link building strategies.
Being able to stand out on SERPs (search engine results pages) is critical to improve the CTR (clickthrough rate) and drive website traffic. Before doing any SEO work on a given project, it is essential to get as much information on what has already been done (SEO-wise), how the system is setup, what is the target audience and what are the site goals. Google and other search engines give a big emphasis on the social media sharing, as this helps the engines to improve user search experience by eliminating spam and introducing friend recommendations into the search results.
Sitemaps help search engines to index your site faster as well as indicate that you are attentive to details and take time to follow the best SEO practices by properly generating and submitting your sitemap files.
There is so much spam on the web that we should be very careful about where we get backlinks from. You can use Excel to power up your SEO and save a tremendous amount of time performing link building research, link profiling and much more.
I think these will become more worthy for a small business owners and also the big company, I am so empress with your proposal. Thanks , I've recently been looking for information about this topic for a while and yours is the best I've discovered till now.
I wonder if there is any possibility that you can add a 1 - 100% on-page rating for a specifik URL in Excel. It was really interesting to read all the SEO tools in this blog and I appreciate your for providing such a good content. Users have found it useful for plagiarism checking, article rewriting, word counting, link analyzing, keyword position checking and many more. This version of Office is optimized for touchscreens and automatically updates so you storage Internet Explorer 10 Windows 8 unc chrome helmets system requirements Windows Defender internet explorer 9 free download for 3a nc football playoffs windows xp sp2 32 bit, Windows 8 GO SP2 2180 RTMWindows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is a free update for Windows XP. SEOs have been faced with an array of new tasks and challenges related to usability and goal conversion rates. Generally speaking, if your site does not rank in the top 4 results, it is pretty much invisible. - a collection of html tags (rich snippets) that can be used to improve the display of search results. Google Rich Snippets -  online tool to test how Google reads the incorporated rich snippets, and how your pages display on Google SERPs. Author hReview WP Plugin - WordPress plugin that allows the author to leave a review and rating which can then appear as a five star rating rich snippet on SERPs.
Pingdom - excellent online tool to check the loading speed of a site along with the useful stats for all server requests. These are must haves, as they allow to examine the technical flaws of a given site as well as provide good insights on how to structure an SEO campaign.

Screaming Frog - SEO desktop tool (for both PC and MAC) that spiders websites’ assets (links, images, CSS, script and apps) and returns the results with an SEO perspective presenting them in tabs by type to allow filtering for common SEO issues, or slicing and dicing the data by exporting it into Excel. Woorank - online tool that provides instant website review that includes seo basic, social media impact, mobile preview, usability, security and much more. W3 Code Validator - online tool which helps to validate your coding and point out the areas that need to be addressed. Virante Duplicate Content Tool - another duplicate content spotter which also provides additional relevant insights on the way your pages are setup. The following free tools will give solid insights into the technical aspects of the client’s website.
Open Site Explorer  - SEOMoz’s tool to perform competitive website research, explore backlinks, anchor text and much more. Majestic SEO - it is somewhat similar to the Open Site Explorer, but has the largest and freshest link intelligence database. Google Insights - this tool will give you a rough idea on what people search for as well as allow to get some data on the rising keyword searches.
YouTube Keyword Tool - being the second largest search engine, YouTube can provide a variety of great keyword ideas.
Bing Keyword Tool - here is something that is not owned by Google and can give you a neutral picture in your keyword analysis.
W3 Broken Link Checker - use this free online tool to find broken links on your site or your competitors’ sites and take action! We’ve written a blog post on the top 20 social media marketing tools that can be used by SEOs. XML Sitemap Generator - if you are not using a content management system and have a custom programmed site, I’d recommend using this free tool to generate your sitemaps. Google’s Guide to Video Sitemaps - we will not cover various video sitemap genarator tools; however, you can use Google as a reference on how to properly put together your video sitemaps.
Spy On the Web - simply enter website url, ip address, google adsense or google analytics code and find out what resourses belong to the same owner.
Using such parameters as clickthrough rates, bounce rates, time spent on site, search engines can get a good picture of how happy your website visitors are with your content and overall site usage experience. Google Website Optimizer - free website testing and optimization tool allows you to test and optimize site content and design to increase revenue and ROI.
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk - submit an assignment, indicate your budget preferences and find people who will review and feedback on your site. IE Tester - test your websites look and performance on various versions of Internet Explorer. Browser Size Google Labs Tool - interested in how your website looks on various screen sizes and screen resolutions? He oftentimes takes the lead as the Agile Project Manager and SEO expert on selected projects, which allows him to be hands-on with the latest trends.

In order to keep up with the overwhelming amount of tasks that online marketers have to do on an every day basis, here is a list of free online SEO tools, which we can use to make our lives easier.
With the introduction of Google Places, and launch of Google+ and Search Plus Your World, we’ve been endowed with an abundant selection of tools to make us differentiate from the crowd. We should strive to make our landing pages load as fast as possible and certainly in less than 3sec to avoid losing more than 60% of visitors who just clicked on our link and about to enter the door to our online kingdom. This tool is useful to check how your server-side redirects are setup in order to avoid content duplication for issues like www and non-www domains, trailing slashes, url capitalization, etc. By enabling the compression, you can significantly reduce the page loading speed and improve user experience on your site. They will help you to plan and execute your off-page SEO campaigns by providing insightful link profile data for your site and the site(s) of your competitors. The free version of this tool will not give you much data, but still be helpful to get you started.
Majestic SEO will give you plenty of information on your link building efforts or the historical data related to link acquisition.
You can also use Google Instant’s Autocomplete suggestions to get an idea of what keywords may be popular at a certain date. After you’ve done your keyword research, you can use this handy site for finding link opportunities. If you want to learn more about the SEO power of videos, check out Distilled blog post on video SEO tactics.
I figured you would be interested to know about a really good new rank tracking site that my company have been using recently.
We can write a separate blog post on how to conduct keyword research using various online tools as well as social media listening, news and human psychology; however, in this article I will only list the most popular free online tools that can give you a good idea where you stand in terms of keyword research and what tools you can use for getting sweet backlinks. If you can find a website that has lots of broken links, you can use the Wayback Machine to find out what type of content was on the pages that no longer exist. Internet explorer free download Installing Internet Explorer 7 on XP SP3 How-To - Internet . By recreating this content (and making it 100% better) on your site, you can then ask webmasters to consider to link back to you instead of having broken links to non-existent pages. Downloads: 196,651, View global page Tell us about an update Download Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB2761465) at the Official Microsoft Download Center.

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