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The customer journey map is an oriented graph that describes the journey of a user by representing the different touchpoints that characterize his interaction with the service.
In this kind of visualization, the interaction is described step by step as in the classical blueprint, but there is a stronger emphasis on some aspects as the flux of information and the physical devices involved. The gamified customer journey mapping is a way to easily describe a possible scenario or map the experience throughout an existing service.
A blank journey worksheet and a set of cards representing the touchpoints are needed to set the ground for the activity. The cards provide a visual support that facilitate understanding and assembling the sequence of activities and touchpoints that characterize the service experience. At the end, once the journey has been mapped, the game-boards can be used to highlight the gaps, pain points and opportunities of the experience, both from the perspective of the user and the provider. Building a customer journey implies the observation of the user experience and the representation of that experience through its touchpoints. The example shown here is a rough sketch used for the construction of a customer journey map (in this case the map is referred to a simplified train ride).
Three OGT (Oxford Gene Technology) customer segments were interviewed to give insights into their experiences of interacting with OGT’s services. The identification of a structured graphical language for the representation is very useful here, allowing the description of several experiences with the same structure and criteria and facilitating the comparison between them.
Now, everybody can go online and watch their favorite TV show without having to download any software.

At the same time there is a higher level of synthesis than in the blueprint: the representation is simplified trough the loss of the redundant information and of the deepest details. According to the specific context and purpose of the session, various game modalities and rules can be then created.
A high level of complexity emerged due to the fact that the transportation customers are often ‘shared customers’ of a range of multiple operators -that are needed to let people move from A to B-. The starting point is the identification of the touchpoints as the elements of the service interface that establish the relation between the user and the organization.
The information collected were then used for building three customer journey maps, reflecting the experiences gathered, highlighting the stickling points and comparing OGT to competitor services.
A typical process for this kind of activity can start by asking the participants to choose a persona (or create a persona from scratch), define a goal for this persona, pick up the touchpoints that allow reaching this goal and describe the experience flow across the different touchpoints.
The map tries to embrace this complexity by representing the different touchpoints in relation with the different types of stakeholders (public bodies, transport operators, local and regional authorities).
Everything was barely useable, due to limitations in the CPU power of our computers and devices, the use of proprietary technologies (like Flash), and slow internet connections. But, nowadays, most of these problems have been overcome, and we can all enjoy our favorite TV Shows online for FREE!The problems with watching TV Shows online today are different. Sure, TV networks have finally realized that most people crave the convenience of watching their favorite shows online, and have created Video on Demand sites.
Companies like ABC, FOX, HBO, CBS, NBC, BBC, you name it; they all have their own video on demand service it seems.

And some shows, such as Top Gear, South Park and Star Trek have their own websites for you to watch their episodes online. The play windows are in a strange iframe, which sometimes makes it cumbersome to reach the player controls. Once you get there, though, the shows are usually uploaded in HD quality, so all in all a fair compromise.
When you get to the page of the episode you want though, you have to close multiple pop-ups, some of which autoplay video advertisements too. Just beware that the on-site ads and banners are made to look like system notifications or error windows. Somewhat awkward placement of the comments on the page (they’re before the video links). Sometimes when you click on a link, Chrome’s pop-up blocker will not allow you to see the new page.

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