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The We Do Listen Foundation's games are a mix of matching activities, spelling games, and pattern recognition games. As Oscar shook his head no he looked down and saw a tear roll down the little pumpkin’s face.
The long journey had been a smooth one for Oscar and the little pumpkin until they arrived at the zoo. But before Oscar and the little pumpkin had time to run away, a loud laugh echoed throughout the entire zoo. Oscar stood still without saying a word, so the zoo manager just shook his head and walked away. As Oscar and the little pumpkin began to exit the petting zoo, they heard the zoo manager cry out, “Oh no, I forgot to buy batteries for the flashlights.
The little pumpkin watched as Oscar approached the zoo manager and then whispered something in his ear.
Even though the storm had passed, the zoo was still without power and it was hard to see.

But suddenly the darkness in the zoo began to fade, as an incredibly bright light lit up the entire sky. The little pumpkin had become the jack-o-lantern she always dreamed of and her light made everyone in the zoo feel safe.
This cause and effect worksheet encourages kids to work on reading comprehension, a key skill that takes lots and lots of practice to master.
The books and their corresponding lessons are designed to help young children learn about things like how to be a good listener, what to do about bullies, and good sportsmanship. Wigglebottom stories could be a fun way for students to learn about proper school behavior. Thanksgiving was just weeks away and Oscar knew that his only hope for survival was to reach the petting zoo in Belvar.
Oscar put the little pumpkin on his back and followed the zoo manager as best he could through the darkness. It was the little pumpkin who was lighting the way as Oscar held her high above his head.

The zoo manager was especially thankful to Oscar and the little pumpkin and apologized for how he had behaved.
Help your third grader improve his critical thinking and close reading skills with this exercise that focuses on story cause and effect. Creating their own stories could be a good way for students to express what they think are proper social interactions in school. Oscar, with the little pumpkin still on his back, entered the petting zoo and they were both surprised by how quiet it was. In this cause and effect worksheet, students will read through a short story, then answer questions based on the characters' actions.

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