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A traditional deck with 78 cards in total, the Rider-Waite deck is known for its abundant symbolism and is one of the most popular decks available. The Rider-Waite deck was drawn by artist Pamela Colman-Smith under the instructions of Christian mystic and occultist Arthur Edward Waite.
The Minchiate Etruria deck has 97 cards, extending the traditional Tarot decks by including cards that represent the astrological houses, four elements and additional trump cards.
Get the answers to your most pressing questions in the complete privacy & comfort of your own home.
Free tarot reading analyze your life and will give you tips to solve your problems and have a higher quality of life. The tarot reading has been improved through the centuries, to the point of getting an amazing prediction accuracy. All tarot card images you can find here in this page is from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, published by U.S.

This is an invitation from Sophlili for a FREE 1 card tarot reading OR a Single stave Ogham stick reading. I used to have this tarot card reading program where you could drag the cards into a certain reading or cross you were doing, but it got deleted and I can’t find it anymore. The angels and spirits are here, so check your intentions at the door before entering my free chat room. When attempting to include the angels and your deity in every aspect of life, you will begin to replace old thought patterns of judgment, criticism, and despair with the Ascension Attitudes of love, surrender, and gratitude. Is the most complete tarot card reading ever, because it deals with issues such as money, love, health, work, among others. For ithat, it will guide you to┬ámake important decisions that you will achieve or reconcile love with your partner, or understand signals that occur in everyday life. In the late 18th century, tarot decks began to be used by mystics and occultists in divination and psychic reading attempts.

In this card reading you will use marseille tarot; one of the first tarots since the renaissance in the fifteenth century. The term is most commonly associated with paranormal-based consultation provided for a fee. The marseille tarot consists of 76 cards; 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, numbered with Roman numerals. Psychics improved the art of cards from generation to generation, and are experts in this type of tarot. People with psychic gifts, vibrate at a higher energy level, which you should have already known !

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