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Helps in keeping up-to-date business information about new products and services available in the market. Free text messaging application for sending mass sms to various users in just one click no matter whether a user is having a national or international mobile network. SMS program is developed to send mass text messages from your Computer PC to other mobile phones using GSM technology based mobile phone within no time. Prominent text messaging tool sends sms including personal and official from any system to multiple usera€™s cell phones. Cost-effective mode of communication for sending text messages from computer to mobile phones in just one go.
Many mobile networks offers SMS’s in their subscription, but not that many, or if you have a pre-paid SIM, you might be interested in knowing how to send free SMS over the internet. Some even have the possibility to notify you if you get a reply via email, or SMS (I cannot understand the possible use of this feature, if you text someone online, they will most likely send you an SMS directly on your mobile phone and not reply to the online one, but there you go, it’s a feature). You may have heard of Jaxtr before, but now they have a free SMS service that you can use in up to 38 countries. Skebby is probably the easiest to use so far, you only have to select country code, to put the number of the recipient and that’s all. It was ridiculous to think that Google wouldn’t try to make itself known in the free SMS business, so they have launched an internet SMS service.
This service allows you send 160 character SMS to a contact list, and the best part about it is when the other person receives your text, it will be with your name and number.
SendSMSNow allows you to send 130 character SMS to your contact list, and as Yakedi, the receiver will see your name and number and not a service center number.
Free Text Messaging is, as the name suggests, a world wide free SMS service that is a piece of cake to use. Before you close this page, please read this word of caution: be careful and read the terms and conditions of these websites, many of them make their money by spamming and sending ads to your phone.

Even now, when the mobile market is full of thousands of minutes and data plans with email and IM clients, there is no argue that SMS still has its charm: it’s easy to write, fast and effective. Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. Corporate text messaging software is used to send customized sms to the consumers for wrapping targeted marketing services and helps to keep in touch with the business customers, clients, vendors etc for performing trade activities. In the past, there were lots of bogus sites claiming to allow you to send free SMS, but now you have much more options. It’s safe to say that the order of the services does not matter that much, since SMS does not have that many features.
It has a really intuitive interface and you should be able to send your message in less than 120 characters.
I must admit, I am much more comfortable (from a security point of view) to use Google than any other service. Another cool thing is that this service will not include ads in your message (only if you choose to). You can send to almost any country, but in order to do that, you must know the recipient’s carrier network.
I really like this service, it’s fast and easy to use, if you are in a hurry to send an SMS online, give it a try!
It seems that it’s much easier to send free SMS only to US and Canada than to the rest of the world, from obvious reasons. My advice is to buy a pre-paid SIM and try the service before you use it on your own phone.
I remember the days when I got my first phone (it was a Nokia 3310 if my memory serves right) and I used to text night and day, now, it’s easier to just to call whomever I want to talk to, but nonetheless, SMS is still the old, nice way. Advanced communication technology that enables you to send mass messages including business offers, personalized messages, job alert and event notification, seasonal greetings, sales notifications, promotional campaigns, reminders etc to the other mobile phone users.Group text messaging utility is a communication medium for sharing messages among multiple group of people immediately and is used in common sectors like Airlines, Real estate, Education, Media, Entertainment, Logistics, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Travel agencies, Healthcare, IT and BPO, Clubs, Societies, Investment firms, Government, Automotive Industries, Mobile Campaign and many more useful areas.

I myself have used many internet SMS systems in the past, and I have a pretty good idea which are the real deal and which are hoaxes.
You can see that their website is nicely organized and they even have specific apps for that, so you can take it with your smartphone or even feature phone.
The website’s interface may look a little bit old, but I can assure you that it performs its job perfectly. Bulk SMS software is helpful to send job alerts, requirement Notifications, season greetings, invitations, market news, stock updates, mini back account statements etc to all selective groups of users simultaneously at both national and international mobile networks. Nonetheless, also from my own experience, I saw that these services come and go, so it’s better to use veteran products.
Most of them work worldwide and have many countries and some of the biggest mobile networks from each of them.
Bulk text messaging sender program enables you to send unlimited number of SMS to the individuals or group of cell phone users by a single click. For the most part, they are easy to use, just select your county, your mobile operator, fill in your mobile number, write your text, select the mobile network you want to send the SMS to and fill the number, that’s pretty much all you have to do.
Group SMS software keeps you in touch with your office colleagues, relatives, friends from PCs to mobile phones connected via windows mobile device center and Microsoft ActiveSync.
Software has user friendly GUI facility that makes it easy to use for mass communication via PC to mobile phones through SMS.

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