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As the weather gets warmer, thoughts turn to spending time at the beach, but creating an affordable beach vacation isn’t always easy.
For discounts on hotel accommodations within the Golden Isles, visit Explore Georgia’s Deal page.
Sue Rodman is Georgia’s official Smart Travel Explorer and the editor and publisher of the award-winning family travel blog Field Trips with Sue. Welcome to Georgia's official tourism website ‐ a place for you to discover and plan your next Georgia vacation.
Look carefully around the island and you’ll see tree spirits carved within the majestic live oak trees.
We had a really nice tour guide who answered all of my questions including, what is an art installation? Apparently there are good conditions and bad conditions depending on moon light, clouds, and headlights.

Simons Island is part of the Golden Isles on the coast of Georgia, and offers lots of budget friendly entertainment.
At one time, the large ships that sailed these waters were made with wood from the live oaks around the island. There is no bike shop in Marfa… I guess it is a pain to bring them to the nearest town to get them fixed!
Simon’s Island’s sand and deposited it on the East Beach area of the island, so no matter what the tide, you’ll find beach here. Walk the pier and see what the fisherman pull in, or say hello to the pelican’s that wait for left over fish. Walk less than 100 yards toward the Lighthouse and you’ll find an even bigger playground that sits just outside the gates to the public pool and a mini-golf course. This mostly residential area has several public beach accesses, but you’ll be hard pressed to find parking.

This is the viewing station… It is kind of hard to see in the dark on the side of the road. The Coast Guard Station on First Street has a good deal of parking, as well as public bathrooms, a small maritime museum and in season, a snack bar. Simon’s Island Bait Shop is just down from the pier and sells fishing license, crab nets and whatever else you need for an afternoon angling. It is on the right hand side, coming from Marfa, and about 16 miles from the center of Marfa.

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