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If you are a student of any school or  university then you might have the , so called “.edu mail account” . Let me explain you., the email account which you think is Crap can get you huge set of goodies! Ruckus offers students with a .edu email address access to a gigantic catalog of absolutely free music, video, and games. DreamSpark gives students no charge access to the Microsoft platform, as well as Microsoft developer and designer tools so students can change the world. Do let me know, if you are making use of any service we have not covered which gives special discounts to students. So I am sitting here in the quiet study lounge and I am thinking about what I should write about this week in terms of free stuff. Think of all of the possibilities you have at your finger tips, you could learn a new language, understand quantum physics, master calculus, learn to play guitar, read poetry, learn about any event ever in history, contact someone thousands of miles away, buy cars, clothes and toys, you can listen to lectures, access unit converters and translate. We all have taken those free samples at the grocery store, the free bread pieces at the deli, the free juice at the farmers market, the free makeup the guy hands you at the mall, the free trial of the massage chair and the free sample of perfume in the magazine.
From what I have research overall, companies offer free samples in order to increase sales, introduce new products and interact with consumers. Lets just throw this out there for those who just started reading my blogs, or for my viewers already who think I am crazy. Now don’t forget this is the Internet so they will ask you for information that you might not want to give for instance you birthday. If you love dumpster diving, I found out that the best times to go are towards the end of the month and the beginning of the month on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Love free stuff but not that into dumpster diving? FreeSharing, also known as Free Recycling or Freecycling, is when you have an item you no longer need that is just too nice to put in the trash and you give the item away thru your local FreeSharing group. Amazon Student members receive benefits such as six months of FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime, and e-mail alerts for discounts and promotions.
I am definitely a hypocrite and I know I am not supposed to offend my readers but so are all of you.
There are endless possibilities about what you can do with probably the best free gift you will ever get, the INTERNET. A product sample is a sample of a consumer product that is given to the consumer free of cost so that he or she may try a product before committing to a purchase.
I did a little research and found TONS of sights that are filled with coupons for free things, directions to getting free things, codes to bring to stores. Here is my list of five best reuse websites to help you find free or inexpensive pieces for your next DIY project.  The best part is that each one can search for items in your local area. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. Your source for creative inspiration for theme parties, home decor, DIY home improvement and DIY ideas. Here we are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for professors to come teach us when we have the Internet that could do it for free.
You could use it to get your word out or become a super start like Justin Beiber and make millions. Because of the Valentine’s Day holiday spirit over this past weekend I have been thinking a lot about love, relationships, feelings, emotions. The key to this is to be ready to go before you search because people will post their free stuff and their address, aka a Curb Alert.  Go right away or it will be gone just like that!
This is a great online source for active and up and coming Estate Sales in your local area complete with photos, maps, and directions.

Formerly an educator at CSUF and business owner, she now is a full time writer, Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, 3M DIY Expert, and a member of Martha’s Circle. Okay, if you want to be technical you have to have a device that gets you the Internet, but I am there are still libraries today that you can go in and use the computers! If you are extremely interested in free samples here are some websites with coupons for free samples or where you can sign up to have free samples sent to you.
I don’t by things in such large quantities with coupons at Wal-Mart that they owe me money.
If you thought it was a fight for free things at Penn State you’re about to get a rude awakening because it’s even crazier in the real world.
One, “Economic resources are scarce, and, therefore, if we get more of one, there has to be less of another.” And the second is that “when someone offers you something for free, he or she usually expects something in return.” If you’re into economics make sure to check out the link above to learn more! So yeah basically if it hasn’t hit you yet I was you to close your eyes for a second and think about how you actually have access to anything and everything. It’s never presented to customers in acronym form but it is a marketing technique that is universally known in the marketing industry by the acronyms BOGO and BOGOF. I didn’t live in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s but I think music has become HUGE recently thanks to ipods and then smart phones! But I personally don’t mind them, they are good because hmmm how do I explain it, they just get me out of my head! You have the answer in 10 seconds the thing that students just 30 years ago would spend days in a library looking for. Maybe I have just been fortunate when it comes to birthdays or maybe the idea of getting presents excites me and makes everyday better than the rest! Due to the fact that you receive something free, its value is oftentimes looked as a huge deal.
Do I eat dollar slices of pizza at midnight for canyon pizza, of course! Do I try and limit my meal dollars at Starbucks because they are so expensive! Companies are always giving out free samples or products for you to simply fill out a survey, try a product, joining them on Facebook or Twitter.  The things they ask are not outrageous and require little time for you! Remember that economically there may be no such thing as a free lunch, but you have to hunt to find those things that are free to you and other people internalize the cost! Vator news said this about the whole thing, “the more songs that listeners access, the more ads Pandora will sell, and the more money the company will get.
The strategy is impressive simply because we all like free products, we don’t like paying for things, if something free has been offered right in front of us, why not take it for granted? It amazes me that hundreds of people will wait in lines for hours for sales, deals, coupons, food, drinks, tickets, music ect.
If you carefully take a glance at it in a mathematical way, it’s pretty much only just a half-taken-off discount.
Do I only go out to restaurants on their deal nights for instance, 1$ Nacho Night or 7$ Burger Night! Of course!
You are probably going to spend more time picking the free stuff you want rather than getting it. What really got me thinking about this whole concept was when my roommate Quinn came back with a free book. When you subscribe to either Spotify Premium or Pandora One you pay something like $3.99 a month and then you don’t have commercials! I mean you are probably even spending more time reading my blog than you will getting free stuff. It was like a real hardcover book that the author was giving out in front of the Thomas Building the other day. And I think people our age and older truly can appreciate the awesome access to music because we can remember the days of paying for itunes and let’s not forget the cds we used buy!

NPR did a nice segment on the whole thing, if you want to listen the link is below, they focused a lot on the royalties Pandora has to pay.
Also companies will have “buy one get one free” sale on items they think will not sell otherwise, or items they are trying to get rid of.
Nope, not unless it’s the dollar pizza slices. Do I run into Urban Outfitters and walk right up to the sale rack? No it’s not my birthday any time soon, I still have 7 months and 16 days until the magical day of October 26th!!!! Because of all of these things a lot of time the company benefits much more than the consumer does.
My point is stuff like that and the free food they give out in the super market are free to you but not to the super market and the author. Sure money can get you places you want to be and give the ones you love gifts, and allow you to pay for something that will make you happier but it really can’t by you true love and true happiness. But they are investing in giving out these free things so that you will eventually end up liking and buying their product. Copyright Royalty Board sets the recording royalties and if they are lowered artists will get mad. Except of course when you get really lame ones from your aunt and uncle or that crazy neighbor. I am here to tell you that the love that your sibling and parents feel for you is free to you. Those are the worst too because you know your not going to use it but you still have to put on that giant smile and say thank you! And although you get a present for someone, you end up having to buy them a present when their birthday roles around. I am here to tell you that for many people family bring happiness and you are born into a family so family comes free to you.
Even things like the Internet, you don’t have to pay for it but you do have to pay for your computer and wifi in order to access it. I hate to agree with the economists but sadly there really aren’t free stuff, someone always internalizes the cost.
Yes you have to spend money on the ones you love and your family but their love for you is unconditional. My theory behind this is that people realized birthday presents are things you get for free. So, the older you get the more money you make and the less things you need to get for free. Sorry to be all lovey dovey this week but we are talking about free things beyond college and in our lives. Yup, sadly you can probably buy the things you want now rather than getting them as birthday gifts, or from Santa.
There is one person however who will never stop giving you presents and that’s your grandma! Doesn’t matter how old you get in the world your grandma always views you as her little grandchild!
Everybody deserves some free gifts no matter how old they get and how much money they make!

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