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We received this note from one reader today "Help -- Apple is holding me ransom for $0.30 per song" -- yes, it's a sad situation that Apple's concession comes at a steep price for their most loyal customers. Yet, this announcement is a major win for the campaign against DRM and our efforts to get Apple to drop DRM. DRM is used to prevent the latest MacBook computers from working on certain types of monitor and HDTV. DRM is used to lock up movies, TV shows, ringtones and audiobooks purchased through the iTunes Store.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0 license (or later version) — Why this license? IT STARTED AS A TEAK-BUILDING EXPERIENCE, BUT IT DEGENERATED INTO FORKLIFT JOUSTING IN THE WAREHOUSE.
Today, some 8 million songs and music videos are already available DRM-free, via iTunes Plus.
You would think that if Apple really hated DRM so much they would do this without charge wouldn't you?

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