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Easily Create Your Own eBook Explainer Video With This Amazing Easy-to-Use After Effects Template! Bright, happy, cheerful easy and inspiring, positive and cheerful acoustic song played by acoustic guitar, simple catchy melodies, shining bells, organ, cool percussion – shaker and tambourine, and some hand claps – all of this creates carefree and happy mood. Sounds like :happy acoustic music, happy ukulele, cheerful music, upbeat acoustic, positive acoustic, bright happy music.

VideoHive authors, feel free to download this track and just contact me through the Contact Form, so I can promote your work!
Works great with projects that need positive, relaxed, carefree, upbeat and joyful atmosphere – children videos,commercial, presentation, corporate, family footage, slideshow, product presentation, animation, fun animals video etc.
Specifically crafted to promote ebooks, this modular template gives you a simple 1-2-3 way to create your own expert videos in no time!

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