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Whether you’re a private individual or a business, setting up a website is important if you want to get a lot of mileage. What you may not know about is the fact that a free web host can actually do your business more harm than good. A free web host will only allow you to make very minimal changes on your website, so you may not end up with the website that you have in mind.
If you’re using a free hosting site instead of getting your own domain, you will look less reputable and trustworthy.
Don’t expect a customer service representative to answer your queries if you get a free web host, since there is usually no technical support with free hosting.
The good news is that there are a lot of cheap web hosting companies that are known for good performance while charging a reasonable fee, so you need not worry about spending more than your budget allows. As is seen above, it’s important to find the best WordPress host to host your website. Because of the popularity of online-related businesses, there are now a lot of companies that have gone online to offer their services to their clients. You might see unlimited hosting services offered everywhere but what you didn’t notice is that all these offers comes with protective clauses that stand against the hosting users. For example: While Hostgator offer an unlimited disk space packed, they still limit your disk space usage at maximum 250,000 inodes. Don’t be afraid to shop around and make inquiries from the different web hosting companies that are offering their services. Filed Under: Wordpress About Jenni RI'm a Chief Branding Officer of IntenseBlog Website, a knowledge-hub to help you build a profitable blog. It is worth spending your time researching a number of options before you commit to a certain host. A very nice post, indeed web hosting is the primary constituent when you are starting a website. Personally, we use the same host that our Web Design company used to both build our site and host the dev server.
These number usually not 100% correct, so you can try some service that check server uptime, you can gogole for it. Free webhosting is great, if you are just starting out and not at all serious about pursuing a career in blogging. The most impotent is up time and response time because this what matters the most because it also helps you in SEO.. When you finish designing your web site for your small business, you will need to choose a web hosting service that will facilitate your presence on the internet.
These tips are excellent for beginners and although I passed alot of this stage it really reminds me of my prior pitfalls especially with the free hosting. I’ve been hosting my website with Hostgator for over 2 years, their service is excellent and I know there is no better choice for your next web hosting. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Our services include web site hosting, web casting, internet radio, sermon streaming, cell phone casting, Flash Interactive Media Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated servers for your high-end needs for your church, ministry, minssionary groups, non-profit organizations, business and family web site needs.
With a click of your mouse you may install over 140 applications with no programming experience required! With many web hosts taking steps to make moving difficult, learn how to make the best of the situation by planning ahead.
When it comes to choosing a web host most business owners or individuals haven't got a clue. Of course, getting a good WordPress host is essential if you want to maximize the functionality of your website. After all, you will be able to get the hosting that you want without spending a single cent (like me at starting time).
It’s rare to find a free web host that allows you to set up a blog, forum, e-commerce page, and other such features on your website. This can turn off a lot of your customers, since they won’t be able to access your page quickly and easily. Websites on free web hosts are supersaturated with ads, even those that are not relevant to the content of the page. While the variety is good, it can make choosing even harder, since you will have a lot to choose from. As much as possible, get a WordPress host that has been in the industry for a few years (Hostgator, Dreamhost, Media Temple…) compared to one that is starting out.
Make sure that the WordPress host that you’re looking into will actually be able to fulfill what you need from a web hosting company. It won’t do you any good if you get a WordPress host that spends more time in maintenance than it does in uptime. Make sure that the WordPress host actually has enough disk space to host all of the files (particularly multimedia files such as pictures, audio clips, and videos) that you will be uploading on your website.
Make sure that the WordPress host that you get has taken all the steps necessary to keep all of the websites they’re hosting safe from being hacked into.
No matter how efficient or how good the web hosting services are, it’s still possible for problems to occur somewhere along the way. As such, make sure that you take the time and the effort to choose the right web host for your site that you make the most out of it.
That way, you will not only be able to see the rates, but also what services they’re offering, allowing you to weigh in which of these answers your needs the best.
While you may be tempted to get a free site, you make a good point that a free host can do more harm than good. We allow our free customers to use a sub-domain from us or to use their own domain names, which they can register with us or any other registrar. People rarely care about the web hosts but it is one of the most important parameter in the performance of website. I went with a free web host when I started creating websites and all of a sudden they closed down and my site went along with it! We recommend speaking to your designers, since they are usually working around the clock in teams, they have info on hosts that have the best uptime for the lowest price.

Nothing worth having comes easy, is what I say to people when they ask me about signing up for a free webhost. A few years back, I built 2 sites with a free hosting package and after 2 months of hard work, they use disappear overnight without any backup. And I have been using HG from more then a year now, I am quite happy with it, I did faced few down times but it was my bad luck.. We know that there are many to choose from and we hope that if you have questions that you will call us toll-free. Our affordbale hosting prices are designed to help you, your business, or your non-profit organization find its place on the internet in the the 21st century.
In this article, I list down everything that you need to know about getting a suitable web hosting for your site. However, if you don’t consider building an online business, free web hosting could be a nice one, at least, you can move to a more professional service provider later. Listed below are some factors that you will want to consider so that you will be able to get the right WordPress host to fit your needs. This is because the more experienced companies already know the common problems that you may encounter while availing of their services, so they are able to address these issues quickly and efficiently, unlike fledgling companies that do trial-and-error to see what remedies will actually work, since they’re not yet familiar with most of the issues that may emerge in web hosting.
It’s not just a matter of budget, although that certainly plays a huge role in the picture. While maintenance and what-not cannot be avoided, this doesn’t mean that the web host should spend majority of your time performing all of these checks instead of making your website viewable to the public. Do make inquiries to see what safety measures the web hosting company is taking in order to provide tight security.
As such, make sure that the WordPress host actually provides customer and technical support so that there will be someone who will quickly respond to your inquiries. The free plan provides enough disk space and traffic to start a great online project, and there are discounted paid plans to choose from when the site outgrows the free plan.
I also suggest to avoid free hosting if one is serious about their business or personal web presence.
There are a number of things to consider when shopping for a web host, such as your space requirements and pricing.
Right now I use hostgator after trying 2 other hosting companies, they are reliable, efficient and excellent when it comes to customer support. Check to see whether the web hosting company can actually fulfill what you need in terms of performance, bandwidth, speed, and other factors that are important in order to help you make the most out of your website. I just subscribed to your post and awaiting for more good posts on web hosting over the coming days.
It doesn’t cost much to get a good hosting company to fill your blogging needs, and in my opinion they even give you more for your what money costs.

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