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This list of Best Free Online Applications and Services now includes 234 items in multiple categories. To quickly find what you want, select an App Category on the top of this page or use the box below to view all items in one massive list. Chord House , a sharp music tool and useful resource for finding chords, scales and guidance if you play guitar, piano or use a sequencer.
Clip Converter , enter a media link from YouTube, Vimeo or other resources to convert a video to mp3 or the other format you choose, then download it to your computer. Bitstrips , create your own cartoon characters and comic strips using the items included in the drag-and-drop builders, with quite a bit of flexibility in what you can make, i.e.
MusiXmatch allows you to search lyrics by entering a song title, artist's name or a few words from a huge catalog of over 7 million songs in multiple languages, discover new lyrics by genres and language, or join the community with your contributions. Deezer , stream and listen to music from a huge catalog of more than 36 million tracks in this popular service accessible in more than 180 countries, find out more music from New Releases, Top Playlists and Mixes, play with lyrics and add to your Favorite Tracks or playlists for playback. Streema offers an easy way to search radio stations by station name and country, add them to your Favorites, listen to the stations right away on the web platform or share them with your friends.
Desktop Wallpaper Tool allows you to quickly create desktop wallpapers auto-adapted to your screen resolution by cropping or scaling images from your collection or from Art Galleries, with supports for modern HTML5 capabilities.
FFonts , a useful resource to search for new or top fonts by category, download and unzip them for installing and adding more fonts to your system. FontStruct , create your own True-Type fonts with a graphic tool in a grid base and save them, or search by tag for the fonts built by others and download them to your computer easily. FreeFontConverter , a handy tool to convert fonts between ttf, otf, pfa, pfb, ttc, svg, pt3, sfd, otb, t42, cef, cff, gsf, ik, mf, dfont, bin, suit and bdf for their suitable uses in Windows, Mac and Linux.
ZipMyFiles , a simple and easy-to-use widget to zip your multiple files of different types online—choose files from your computer, enter a CAPTCHA code and click Zip Now. WOBZIP , enter a URL or browse a file from your computer to uncompress a packaged file up to 200 MB online. DiffNow , compare plain text, pdf, office documents, source codes, binary, zip and other archive files.
Encryptur , enter a password to encrypt or decrypt your file up to a max file size at 30 MB using the Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit keys derived from your password.
Free File Converter supports conversion between a wide range of file formats including document, image, audio, video and compression formats.
Zamzar lets you convert a file up to 50 MB from one format to another and receive a link to the converted file from your email for free. Bender Converter , an easy-to-use online application to convert audio and video files in 3 steps—choose a format to convert to, select a file from your computer, then click Convert and download the converted file you need.
Send Anywhere , send files from your browser to anywhere in the world without the need to sign up or login. Dropbox allows you to back up files and access them online, or share folders with several people to work together easily. OneDrive offers 7 GB of free online storage as part of the Microsoft services for new subscribers. Art Project , explore over 1,000 artworks gathered from art museums around the world without needing to travel to each museum. HowStuffWorks gives you thousands of comprehensive articles and answers with helpful graphics and informative videos, covering many areas including adventure, animals, auto, culture, entertainment, health, home and garden, lifestyle, money, science and tech.
Kubbu , an e-learning tool designed for teachers to create quizzes, crosswords or games and make them available to students or groups, view and analyse the results, or even share activities with other teachers.
Perfectyourenglish , a comprehensive reference guide to English Grammar, Practical English usage, vocabulary, English writing and speaking. English Practice consists of many archived lessons for learning English—choose a category or type a key word to search for what you want, then browse through previews or read the full lessons.
Guide to Grammar and Writing , sponsored by the CCC Foundation, helps you find help on grammatical issues, tips on composition and advice on English usage. Quizlet , browse and use millions of flashcards created by teachers and students, or create your own, in various study modes including Familiarize, Learn, Test, Play Scatter, Play Space Race, Voice Scatter and Voice Race. Khan Academy lets you watch, practice and learn almost anything from over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering subjects such as maths, algebra, physics, chemistry, finance, history and so on.

Academic Earth lets you watch up to 1,500 lectures, on everything from computer studies and psychology to medicine, architecture and entrepreneurship from respected educational institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Twisty Noodle has an extensive collection of printables designed to help kids learn about objects and improve handwriting.
Incompetech , do you ever buy lined paper, graph paper, music notation paper, or score sheets for popular games and sports?
Wattpad connects writers to readers instantly and has a huge library of millions of books and stories available for free. Lucidpress , choose a template from the layouts designed for flyers, invitations, newsletters, magazines, presentations or other categories, and create beautiful print and digital documents for publishing, sharing or download as a PDF to keep forever. TED , talks at TED events, which usually last around 30 minutes, cover everything from technology to art to medicine to music.
TypingWeb , a place to learn, practice and improve your typing speed and accuracy on beginner to advanced and specialty courses.
Motif lets you play backgammon against a decent computer engine via a functional 2D interface. Gomoku in HTML5 coded by Yujian lets you play five-in-a-row game in full screen with a simple and nifty user interface.
Gomoku Online , join a Gomoku game with online players from the list or enter an invitation link to play against your friend online.
Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery at JigZone , "choose a puzzle from a gallery of beautiful pictures of animals, art, flowers, scenes and other categories, change cuts into 6 to 247 pieces in different shapes. DHTML Lemmings , "get as many lemmings to their home (the gateway with the flaming torches) as you can. Flow Colors , connect two dots in the same color with a pipe to form a flow, and complete a level by filling up the entire board with pipes without crossing or overlapping. Isle of Tune , lay down some roads, add houses, street lamps, trees and other objects, drop a car and click Go to watch your musical town come to life. Angry Birds , use the unique powers of angry birds to destroy the fortresses of pigs who stole their eggs.
Entanglement , easy to learn and yet entertaining—just rotate a new tile with the arrow keys or scrollwheel, and extend the red line around the board with a click or using the spacebar.
Tetris N-Blox lets you play the game up to 10 levels of difficulty with colorful shapes, optional full-screen mode and sound effects in a simple design. Wolfram Alpha answers your queries submitted in a text box by doing computations from its own knowledge base. Instacalc gives you instant answers as you type and allows you to embed a live calc in your website. Epicurious , search top-rated or other delicious recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, renowned chefs and cookbooks, print a combined shopping list for selected recipes, or share your recipes with friends and family. Soda db , use a template to add and edit up to 10,000 records in a database for free, with a grid-like interface and inline editing. Wikipedia allows users to type a word or phrase to search for useful information from millions of articles written collaboratively online by volunteers around the world. LDOCE , an online version of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, provides a quick search for a word or phrase, with widgets available for adding to your browser search bar, blog or personal website. Google Translate , enter text, a webpage address, or upload a document for translation from one language into another with auto detection of the source language. Bing Translator , translate texts or entire web pages from one language into another, with auto detecting the source language and other features such as synchronized highlights and bilingual viewing layouts for a webpage translation. Instructables , a huge site with a rich collection of more than 100,000 do-it-yourself projects shared by DIY enthusiasts providing step-by-step guides on how to build, cook, invent or do almost anything with some great ideals or creativity.
Scribd , a great tool to upload and view documents of various formats in full screen, mark them private and accessible by a specific URL, share them with millions of readers, or embed the viewer into a website or blog. SlideShare , search and download Powerpoint presentations from the web, or upload and share your slides, word or pdf documents publicly or privately.
Barcode is a tiny and lightweight jQuery plugin that has the ability to generates 8 types of Barcode and outputs as CSS, BMP, SVG or Canvas for your work. With these online or web apps and services, you do not need to download and install them into your computer for using them—you just need to open up a browser and access them online.

You can also select a clip from a starting to an ending point or upload a file from your computer for conversion. With more than 800,000 mp3 files now in the database, the crawler searches and adds more files for you daily, subject to its terms of service. In just a few seconds, you can then download and save it to your computer for offline listening. Uploading or downloading your files is not necessary as both zipping and unzipping run locally as a Java applet in your browser.
You can zip as many as 100+ files in one go, with unlimited access and no registration required. You can either paste text, upload files or enter URLs and see results in an interactive report for differences.
It requires a Microsoft account (previously known as Windows Live ID) to sign in and begin using. All the artwork and galleries have been curated by individual museums who decide the galleries, artwork and information to include.
Other than Questions of the Day, you can also type your own question and search for the answers which are made simple and easy to understand.
You can also test your knowledge of English language with interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises. A bunch of material for use, the illustrations are very well done and cover coloring pages and handwriting worksheets. The coloring application in particular is very well done and emulates closely the pencil and paper experience. Writers can easily publish their work, build a fan base and receive feedback, while readers can collect stories into reading lists, post comments, vote for their favorites and share with friends. In Capture Go the player who first manages to surround and capture the opponent's stones wins outright. You can play against your friend on the same device or challenge the computer AI with three levels of difficulty. You can also create a new Gomoku game with your own settings like first move, clock and visibility.
Simple and addictive, with different board sizes and multiple levels using the game idea by Big Duck Games. You can also share your islands or browse others, for example Beat It, and vote them up or down. A challenging physics-based gameplay in multiple levels and episodes, needing logic, skill and force to solve.
It's not always simple as you might have to think outside the box in this game which combines realistic physics with precise controls and challenging levels. Each time you play, it's a new puzzle as a completely new arrangement of letters is created. You can share your schedule with your co-workers, family and friends, sync to your mobile phone's built-in calendar, get notified by email or have a text message sent right to your mobile phone. You can import and export, upload files to attach to your records, share your database with a secret URL, or grant access to your database by adding sub-users.
It's a good and handy encyclopedic reference and a frequently updated news resource for you. The translated result from an uploaded document is presented without preserving the layout or embeded images though. Provide free download cartoon vector material vector download vector cartoon dinosaurs, others, vector icons and figures provide a platform for free download, elaborate income cartoon, vector, download, dinosaurs, cute: EPS, forms, files, vector graphics, Web site. Supported formats include ZIP, 7z, RAR, GZ, TAR, CAB, CHM, ISO, DMG, DEB, RPM and many more.
Simple and clean user interface, easy to use, no signing in or out of accounts is ever needed.

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