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There are people out there right now that are hungry for your product, and are more than happy to pay good money for it.
The challenge is turning the readers into buyers and getting them to hit the order button instead of the 'back button'. Most websites are not up to scratch and that is the key reason why sales aren't as high as they could be.
Graphics are powerful psychological motivators that attract attention, build trust and promote a professional image.
As soon as you open the design software, you are utterly confused by all the buttons, sliders, options and menus. Chinese restaurant, a short vacation or even a nice lump sum to reinvest into your business. I mean, do you want a dry, lifeless website that shows all your visitors the door, like Mr.

The problem is not everyone can create beautiful, attention grabbing web graphics on their own.
Do it in a way that demands attention and makes it completely obvious where you want your readers to click.
707 attractive order buttons will help force casual browsers and dedicated readers alike to click and buy. The first thing 90% of people do when they hit your page is scroll to the bottom to check out the price. 1,178 price stickers make it obvious how much you are selling a product for and let your readers know that you are up front, honest and trustworthy! This makes them a great place to place key points, to draw attention or even use it for your call to action. The actual images are of a much higher quality and size, they have been scaled down for the web.

After selling a kidney to pay for a top design package you quickly open it up, hoping for some great web graphics. I see so many website's that are being hurt by poor presentation that I cringe every time I see one.
Also, they are excellent at stopping those 'side-bar-scrolling' readers dead in their tracks.

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