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Second, in general I have been impressed by the professional quality of the covers submitted. Another observation: Amazon reserves the right to set the price of any eBooks published under the Scout program. As for the number of Scout submissions to date, it seems that indie authors are holding back and waiting to see how things pan out.
Steve, thanks so much for gathering so much information and sharing your experience with the new Kindle Scout program. Indie authors are definitely stepping up their game in that respect, with cover art rivaling that of trad publishing. And your book has been on the Hot & Trending list pretty much the entire span of your campaign–kudos!

Got an email this morning that you got enough nominations to be published by Kindle Press!!!! My novel The Misery Checklist will test the hypothesis about covers since it is very low quality compared to others. Maybe the requirement for a professional-quality cover is keeping the numbers down; maybe the low ($1500) advance and the five-year contract is scaring people away. If you’re a writer, have you submitted anything, and if so, what do you think? Please leave a comment (click here) and join the conversation! But I have a large and devoted fan base (and a well written book) so the book has been hot and trending since the beginning (11 days to go). As for the Scout program itself, at least it’s an interesting experiment in publishing.

Of course Amazon editors will eventually weed out inferior works, but first you have to get noticed, and for now that mostly appears to be a popularity contest. As Amazon has stated that no editorial services will be provided under the Scout program, authors who are considering submitting their work need to get professional editing first.

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