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Why waste precious time with complicated site-building tools when you could harness the site layout customisation power of Joomla through our simple yet functional template Mini Website Builder! The template actually acts as a website builder, empowering you to easily add your own touches to your website’s layout, thus eliminating any traces of the template’s original design. I.Various color schemes a click away from you – RED for the hot-blooded users, BLUE for the romantic souls, ORANGE for the energetic Joomla fans and GREEN for the ecologically-minded users.
II.Automatic customisation options through an easy to use component interface – now you can change the banner and logo of your template directly from your Joomla Admin Panel. III.Multiple Modules Support – the template supports the most wanted basic pre-defined areas supported by Joomla (two pre-defined bottom sections that can be used for posting Latest News, Archive, Polls, etc.
IV.Header Menu repositioned to free layout space – in contrast to the other templates, this one has its main navigation menu stuck to the top of the screen. As many business owners have come to realize, having a quality web site for your business is no longer an option, it is a requirement.
Many business owners ask, “Why do I need to pay a web designer to create a web site, when there are so many Free Solutions?” The answer is very simple. With all due respect, if you are a Plumber or even a Dentist looking to build a website for your company, will you develop a more attractive and effective website than a professional web designer? I must say that my perspective in this article not only knocks the idea of using a Free Website Builder, it also stresses the importance of using a professional web designer to develop your CMS infrastructure. In closing, here is a quick run down of some Hosting Companies that provide Free Website Building Solutions. Getting back to the word “Free”, it is not a bad word, as even professional web developers utilize free open source solutions such as Wordpress and Joomla (which both provide “Quick Install” features on most major hosting companies). AdverGroup Web Design provides various web development packages that result in a professional website built in a Content Management System with Search Engine Optimization included! JSN Megazine provides 3 menu styles (5 menu styles in PRO Edition) to present your website navigation. Main Menu is very powerful menu built with clean accessible XHTML code structure and effective drop-down submenu panels.
You can add icon and descriptive text to each menu item to make them much clearer and more appealing.

Tree Menu represents menu items in clear tree-like hierarchy, which is very appropriate for indexing menu. All stock photos used on this JSN Megazine demo site are only for demo purposes and not included in the template package.
Make your website one of a kind, by using the constructive potential of this new generation Joomla template.
This position gives an accent to the banner area, making it more attractive to the visitor’s eye. If you are not yet certain whether this is the right Joomla template for you, please have a look at its demo version for more impressions, by following the View Demo link below.
Where many business owners have gone wrong, is in thinking that just a having a simple info page satisfies the “web site requirement”.
The Free Web Builder may help you in the “Attractive Department”, but what about the “Effective Department”? It is likely a professional is a bit more hip to the industry than the average small business owner attempting to set up their own website. For Example, if you are business who has built your website using any of the free web site building solutions provided by . Zenfolio says you can get your own elegant website and photo blog with the best viewing experience on the Web.
The difference from Open Source tools and Free Web Building Solutions offered by hosting companies is that all “Free Web Builder Solutions” are all the same in regards to targeting customers that lack sufficient knowledge in HTML language to code their websites. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in the building a website that will make your phone ring! We build websites using your choice of Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow clients to update their website as easy as posting status, text and images on social networking sites such as FaceBook or LinkedIN. Both descriptive text and icons are configured directly in menu item settings page, which is very convenient. With this advanced free Joomla template your site gets much more than a simple ready-made pattern for its ‘facade’. A free web site may be quick and easy (cutting many corners in regards to SEO), while a professional web designer will not only provide a professional design, they would also ensure your site has been SEO Optimized.

This search engine optimization tool analyze not only the Meta Tags but try to use the same spider technology as the search engines spiders them self.
However it is what they do not list that is the most important items that you need, Search Engine Optimization and Expand Ability. There are many FREE online tutorials that can assist you in configuring these same Open Source Solutions that all professional web designers are using. Wix advertises that they have everything you need to create HTML 5 and Flash Websites with no web design experience required. Upload unlimited photos and video clips, share them online, protect with passwords, create beautiful slide shows, order photo prints, and much more.
Open Source tools require a little more “know how” to set up and configure correctly, how ever they also provide easy to use content management tools and much more abilities to expand in regards to function abilities. It is important that your website possesses articles that are strategically titled, authored and possess meta data that contains the keywords and phrases your target audience might enter when searching the internet. A website built in a CMS provides a perfect tool for those who wish to keep their website up-to-date without incurring additional maintenance fees. Through this great functionality you can easily replace the default banner image and logo with any image or text of your choice. Compare Wix hosting with website at over $200 annually, to GoDaddy which will cost roughly $80 per year using Joomla or Wordpress. Despite any modifications Google Search may implement in their search algorithms, depth of valuable content will always reign supreme. A site that is optimized for SEO, has many other facets that only a professional web designer is privy to. I can guarantee that you will not find any websites on 1st page Search Engine results that use Hosting Company Web Builders.
I actually encourage it with the use of a content management system that is configured correctly for SEO.

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