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Toolkits Photography has not only evolved from a normal pastime to a favorite hobby but also an indispensable living trade for most photographers.
With the improvements in photography, talented photographers could no longer sit down waiting to be discovered. Good design often works in the background by making websites quick to load, easy to navigate and search engine friendly.
Lukakase has a smooth and light weight gallery which is easy for audience to navigate around. Joshua Stearns has a cool and distinctive about him page for visitors to know more about him. Kiska Kiska has listed down his awards and achievement in his biography page prominently to highlight himself.
There's nothing more in the spotlight than the photo gallery that are used to showcase your works. Dave Hill has make use of jQuery to build a powerful photo gallery which is fast and smooth to load, not to mention it's large pictures too. Photographers who showcase tutorials on their site and teaches their photography skills and knowledge to amateur and enthusiasts connect with them.
Tim Allen has wrote a blog for BBC Earth and in the blog, he teaches some of his photography techniques.
Many established photographers earn money by teaching, organizing and promoting their workshops on their websites. Jose Villa Workshops has organized some photography workshops for interested parties to join. Kenny Sanchez allow you to purchase photographs at Kenny Sanchez using their shopping cart and pay using PayPal. Websites which used Flash maybe beautiful and successful however they are primary more expensive to create and can take time to load. Emmanuel Rouzic has fully utilized the power of Flash to create a stunning website with music which won him a FWA site of the day award. Andreas Burz who was born in 1956 in Stuttgart, Southern Germany is a established photographer often earning national and international awards for his photography.
Alessio Pizzicannella is an Italian photographer whom have moved to London to study photography at the London College of Printing in 1993. Marcus Gaab is a photographer who collaborates often with Henriette Primus, an Art Director based in Berlin and London.
Brett Arthur is a commercial photographer who take photos of music, entertainment and all other things that are fun. Douglas Fisher is a photographer based in London whom has incorporated techniques from both film and photography. Although photography arrived quite late in Eolo Perfido's life, he is able to continue his passion even at the age of 28. Justin Guariglia is a award winning photographer which includes, "Pictures of the Year International",for projects on China, "Ozzie Gold Award" for best color photography in a magazine with circulation over 500K, New York USA and have been nominated for the ICP " Young Photographer of the Year" Infinity Award, the International Center of Photography, New York USA.
Eric Ryan Anderson is a self-taught commercial photographer who was born and rasied in Texas. Finn O'Hara was born in London, England and raised in Inglewood, a small rural town north of Toronto. Oystein Eugene Hermstad is a professional Freelance Photographer based in Trondheim, Norway and is experienced within movies production, journalism and web design.
Joel began working as a commercial photographer in Denver, Colorado after receiving a BFA in Photography from the University of Arizona in 1984. Jonathan Glynn Smith whom lived in London has began working as a photographer in the mid 1980's shooting reportage and album covers.
Lyndon Wade is a photographer that is constantly accepting all manner of influence into his work, Wade finds inspiration in multiple forms of visual culture. Monikamotor is based in Poland and have great celebrities and fashion photos shot by Monika. Nicolas Henri (born 1977 in Zurich, Switzerland) came to photography after graduating 3 years of film school in Toronto, Canada.
Alberto Oviedo is a photographer who was born in Colombia and has graduated from Atlanta Art Institute. Peter Leverman is a Canadian photographer who has won numerous awards including Luzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide for few seasons. Rennie Solis is a photographer from Northern California traveling around the world with lover and music as his greatest inspiration. Tim Melideo is a photographer from Manhattan, New York, US which is currently a MFA Student at School of Visual Arts.
Lee Towndrow who was from Canada was a designer upon starting out and gradually became a photographer.
Digital Photography School - is a community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in our understanding of photography. Photocritic - is a site for photography criticism, with the intention of allowing photographers to critique each others’ work and share opinions, suggestions, and professional tips. Dpreview - is practically the only resource you’ll ever need for digital cameras; incredibly in-depth and timely reviews of most models available on the market. Photopreneur - is a comprehensive blog that provides great insights to anyone who wants to earn income from their photography whether as a full-time professional or as an occasional photographer.
Lensculture - is an online magazine celebrating international contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures. Websites will continued to be an essential medium for photographers to showcase their portfolio. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel.
Aidan Huang is a web enthusiast and ingenious blogger who loves all things design, interesting and technology. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE.
Most of the Photographers are available in Facebook and Twitter, follow them for regular updates. No matter how professional you are in your photography field, you shouldn’t stop learning and updating about the latest trends. If it is inspirational pictures you are exactly looking for — then your search ends here at 500px.
Simply a great place for photographers – its one of the best in the internet, especially if one is looking for useful photography videos – explaining how actually professionals work behind the scenes. If you are someone, who is wanting to experiment with some photography projects & learning to create different lighting setups, then mark this website. As a photographer and web designer, I really believe that the website should be a vehicle for making business happen, and connecting with clients and possible clients, not just an online brochure or replica of a print portfolio. Too many photographers seem to turn a deaf ear to the basic tenets of the new web, preferring to have monstrous, slow loading, nearly impossible to update sites that look far more like a commercial than a resource.
With a careful eye toward his budget he will end up with a beautiful site, with music and 60 images that will cost him a fortune to change out. Don gets about 40% of his business from being found by editors and corporate art departments.
Using a system that allows you to manage your work effectively, while on the road, and on location, keeps the site fresh. By compelling, I mean that there should be some reason for clients to come back to your site.

Find ways to get new stuff on your site and let everyone know that there is new stuff there.
Creating something that can be taken by the client, possibly printed out and saved is a great branding tool. Mini Portfolios can be designed in InDesign, Word, Photoshop or Illustrator and then saved out as PDF presentations or documents. I don’t recommend any larger than 900 pixels wide, as larger could be a problem with some browsers having to go sideways scroll to see the full image. As more and more smart devices become the rage, being seen there will be an important strategy. So if you have to have a site in full Flash (sigh) then at least make sure that the portfolio images can be seen on an iPhone or other smart devices. That’s a fancy way of saying you need to have other ways to get content under your site.
Wedding and portrait shooters have been successful in building interest in their work by showing images from recent weddings and engagement shoots, portrait sessions and just fun personal shots.
Clever article make people do Google search in your keyword and click your site, sure this help your ranking. And yes, providing the content rich environment that they are seeking is the best way for the site be of use. An additional portfolio resource for the Multiple Channels of Content Delivery section is Portfolio Websites. My English is not perfect and this is the main reason why I avoid creating or starting a blog.
Membership is only $29 per month for a full days rental, or roll them over and join me in Maine this fall. PhotoShelter is packed with features to get noticed, impress clients, and make life easier. PhotoShelter templates provide your website visitors with an elegant, fast, and intuitive way to see your best work. Upload your highest quality images in any format to create a secure and searchable archive of your photography online. Deliver high resolution files, create private client galleries, and post to social networks, all from within your own website.
Sell prints, products, downloads, stock photography, and your services directly from your website. All photographs and illustrations that appear on the site are copyright of their respective owners. Today, modern photographers have brought forward their portfolio to the web, in order to showcase their talents and inimitable skills to the world.
Not only could visitors admire the visual aspect of the photographs, they can get the latest updates and happening of the photographer or read through the story of your composed photos. No one would want to wait for a minute for your photographs to load at the gallery and everyone wants to contact you easily. Your visitors want to know the talent behind your amazing pictures and how you can help them. What's more foolproof than to highlight your achievement and awards in the photography world? Photo gallery should be smooth, fast and easy to navigate without having the need of long refresh. In this way, the photographer builds up the band of followers which can be very useful in the future and keeps them coming back for more.
They make use of social media like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter account to promote themselves. Some photographers not only promote their services but also sell their photos through their websites.
So naturally, the displayed photographs need to be large in order to generate maximum impact on their viewer.
Though Google might have started to crawl and track flash based sites, and there are enhancement that can be made like Flash optimization which includes optimizing the ActionScript codes and flash images files, it might not hit the top SEO as yet.
He has numerous awards under his belt and have vast experience in the field of photography, print and production work. He has started his career as a photographer in 1989 specializing in music, fashion, sports and the arts. She have been a professional photographer for 10 years, and today, Jo Liu Photography is a full service fashion, beauty and advertising studio. Much of Rinze's inspiration comes from music that helps him to continuously mold his personal style. She is currently based in Singapore and meantime study Psychology(Hons) in National University of Singapore. There's bound to be an rapid improvement in the sophistication of photography websites as in how the technology has been moving.
He is the editor-in-chief at Onextrapixel and have founded several other interesting blogs. We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. There is always something great about shooting landscapes, that has brought a sense of joy. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up on recent content. It links documentary photographers, audiences and authors creating photography exhibitions, interactive displays, books & magazine publications.
It offers an ultimate guide on digital photography & is packed with articles explaining how one can improve digital snapshots.
Tuts Plus photography articles are known for in depth explanations with great visual displays and examples. Too many shooters have websites that simply mimic the old passive model of advertising and promotion. No interactivity, no collaboration, scheduling, estimates, client area, CMS or CRMa€¦ just a site with images. It may get printed then passed around and seen by people you have no way of every marketing to. And if they can send that portfolio to peers and clients, that just gets the work out to more and more interested people.
People Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Plaxo and more from their smart phones… looking at websites is one of those things they do as well. Most of them have great tools for sharing those portfolios on all kinds of sites and digital media. I had developed a similar opinion after hanging out around photography sites for the past few years, but could never come up with the full reasoning behind them. As an attendee of PhotoExpo Plus 2009 in New York this past October, I can tell you every presenter and professional speaker repeated these same tips for improving website traffic and business.
Every member of our New York-based team is an expert PhotoShelter user and many are experienced professional photographers.
Thanks to the advanced development of sophisticated cameras technology and great software, photography has almost become a joy to watch if not practiced.
With powerful tools, like Photoshop, Flash, WordPress and JavaScripts to develop their websites, photographers could easily create their unique portfolio, enhanced with their photo gallery and photoblogs. It’s also a great way for the photographer to build up your brand, create a relationship of trust and credibility with potential clients and be located by the search engines.

A useful about page should clearly state your skills and expertises with the services you are providing.
As for now, it’s being referred directly by pro photographers to interested parties which required a spectacular showcase for their images. Now we take a look at some of the very talented photographer’s portfolio together with their stunning works, and hopefully from them we can gather some inspiration. Though he is a relatively young photographer, he already has many honored titles and awards under his name.
Here we have collected Inspiring Portfolio Websites of Landscape Photographers around the world. However, I have picked up 10 best photography websites, which every photographer should be making use of. According to photo experts, it is claimed to be one of the best places to get exposure, inspiration & connect with various photographers. It highlights some of the finest international photography, photo tricks & interviews with expert photographers from each continent.
It covers everything right from beginner tutorials to more complex and advanced imaging techniques.
Recently I had to turn a design job down because it just went against all that I believe in on creating useful sites instead of brochure sites.
And every time he wants to add an image, or change an image, or whatever, he has to go back to his Flash designer with the change, and some bucks. I have found some examples to go along with the information, so be sure to say hi from LE when you visit their sites.
Daily, there are new articles or links added to the many landing pages he has created within his site. From WordPress to proprietary CMS solutions, it means that the photographer can change out the content on the page whenever they want. If someone is searching for you, a food photographer in Cleveland, they are not really interested in deals on toner cartridges or online dating.
Is there anything there that would change if I did come back in a few weeks or even a few months?
Trying to pretend you have no phone number because you are not wanting to give away that you live somewhere no one ever heard of is silly.
From fees and packages to what to wear and what to expect, these pages give a client confidence in the professionalism of the photographer.
That is called viral… and that means that you also have no cost involved in delivering your message to those people who inadvertently ended up with your PDF.
Keep your branding and contact information on every page and hope that tons of folks download it.
If I try to hide from the world from fear of someone using my images, I may lose to someone who puts the images out there with no fear. And when you do find someone who took your picture be ruthless and powerful and do whatever you can to expose and punish them. I have known photographers who have gotten portfolio showings from their iPhone presentations. To dismiss that trend as meaningless (as someone did recently) is to be simply unaware of the way things are going.
Whether it is a full text and image Blog, or a Photoblog, it is a way for your site to gain content and keep the visitors interested in what you are doing. I am a very new photographer and am starting the building of my site, and between this article and David’s on the ills of flash based photog sites, I have gained some highly valued wisdom.
They want to feel that they are interacting with a real life photographer and not just a pile of great images.
Not only their photographs, please check tips and photography experience from these photographers. As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been included, please let us know in the comments. Moreover, with a big collection of more than 6 million photos, you are sure to find beautiful pictures.
With plethora of helpful tips, interesting articles, inspirational imagery and advice, one is sure to be lost for hours here. It is divided into sections including reviews, tutorials and news for trouble-free navigation.
We The Team, Believe In Giving Right Information And Thus, Every Article Is Deeply Researched & Written By Quality Writers. With less capital, less fame and a challenging working environment, there are things that must be considered when creating an online presence. The photographer has nice images, and is just starting in the business, yet insists on having a site that will never be indexed and will drain him of assets while he has to traditionally market his website instead of having it found by people looking for what he does and his services. There is a lot of information that can be found on how to make a site more friendly to the search engines, and the things you can do for your site should be done. It means you may have to give up on the notion that things should only be the way you want them to be, and accept that there are things that simply are as they are. Not one to waste time, Don has a very detailed editorial plan, and keeps the site fresh and inviting to new clients and old alike. Calling or emailing a designer everytime you need to make a change is frustrating and not cost effective at all. Make it downloadable so they can print it out, share it with friends, and spread your name around. Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone saw an image and really wanted to work with you, but couldn’t find you because the contact information was on a page not attached? Ingredient like great content also ensure that search engines located you more effectively. For example Marc Adamus explained about his landscapes and usage of photoshop these days and Danie Rericha’s articles about landscape photography and many more. Yes, there are some Flash designers who can build a backend management system for him, but not for his budget. Google can only know that by what is on your page, gauging how others who were searching for food photographers in Cleveland reacted upon arriving and how popular the page is from places mentioning food photographers in Cleveland and then linking that to you. You know, at some point you will have to give me a phone contact, so just get it over with. It can be quite interesting to people, who are not currently clients, when they see the detail and planning that goes into your work. More people mean more exposure and that can mean contact from people you have never met in places you have never heard of.
So, to me, it seems like wasted bucks on a site that needs even more bucks to promote it, and will only be seen by those who have been prodded to visit.
Trying to trick Google into thinking you are one thing when you are actually something else will not work.
Adding a few pictures a month can be a compelling reason for people to come back to the site. Sure, you can do that on your blog, but that is a different architecture and doesn’t present the same way.

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