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Many a times we find useful content on the Internet, but due to lack of time or a slow internet connection we are unable to read it immediately.
HTTrack Website Copier is a website downloader that allows you to download a complete website on your PC.
Download and install HTTrack website copier on PC or laptop from any official page such as Windows Store.
In the next window, you have to enter the web address of desired website that you want to download on your PC. If Web Address and URL list is selected; then you have to enter the name of URL in the provided text area. Now a new download window will appear and if you want, you can cancel the downloading process anytime (as seen in image below). Once downloading is done, then you are free to access the downloaded website by clicking on ‘Browse Mirror Website’ (as shown in image below) tab.
To access the downloaded website anytime, you have to go to the folder of downloaded website and use index.html file to open and access the desired website.

HTTrack Website Copier is very useful tool for students and users who want to browse websites offline as they can access their online content without internet connection. Abhishek Shukla is a computer graduate by education, a complete tech freak and music addict. If you face such issues, you can use freeware called HTTrack Website Copier to download the whole website and use it for offline reading. You can use the downloaded site and even edit it in the offline mode.This software downloads all directories files, images, fetching HTML and other important files. If you want you can enter the name of that website or simply paste the URL of that website. It asks users to provide number of downloaded bytes, required bandwidth to download, browser ID, and SCAN rule, download limits and other required information of webpage. Now you have to provide connection parameters  (it is also an optional step and you can skip it). You not require any internet connection to access such website and it works exactly like the original ones.

There is a feature to password protect this software so that your settings can not be changed.
WebSmartz WebSite Builder software comes with Website templates, Flash intros, HTML templates, and Flash templates.
The web templates and Flash intro library are bundled in a very easy-to-use web site builder, which makes it very easy to build your own custom small business website. You can use WebSmartz web page builder for creating your own Flash website, even if you do not have any technical knowledge of HTML or Flash. WebSmartz is an easy-to-use web page builder, which can easily make web pages & create a custom website with Flash intros.

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