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Irish Computer Virus a?… Funny Picture; check out this picture I got as an E-Mail and have a great laugh! I received this hilarious picture in my email, this funny Leprechaun is giving instructions to install an "Irish Manual Virus". I scanned the picture and there is no real computer virus associated with this picture but this silly Leprechaun wanted me to manually delete my hard disk and send this picture email virus to everyone I know!

I received this funny picture of this funny Irish Leprechaun and his silly insturctions in my email. Purchase funny movies and videos, comedy, on DVD or download funny movies and videos to own. This crazy Leprechaun must have thought I was STUPID, you can't send any emails AFTER you delete your hard disk!!!

Send this crazy picture to a friend, they will crack-up (no "real" computer virus is associated with this email picture).

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