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1 Synonyms And Antonyms Worksheets 1st Grade - PDF Download free Synonyms And Antonyms Worksheets 1st Grade PDF files. Free printable synonym and antonym worksheets for you to use in your classroom, homeschool program, or supplemental help at home.
The teachers can create classroom of students, and assign activities made up of lessons (containing Math problems), to students as assignments and then track their performances using gold and silver stars. The website also has an iPad app, to help teachers and students teach and learn Math, anywhere.
The students can subscribe to new class material (activity) by going to their My Account page. The students can simply join the classroom, and then open the activity according to grade and then, solve the problems. The website further implies the concept of stars, which basically helps you to track performance by assigning gold star for correct answer and, silver indicating that student has completed a activity (lesson) last year and still have to complete for current year. Free Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheets Description: This page contains free synonyms and antonyms worksheets.

The website basically covers the NCTM curriculum, and helps middle school students to learn Math. It’s an interactive website, with good graphics, and easy to use buttons and navigations. While signing up, you’ll be asked to enter your details, school, class details, and the number of students you want in your website classroom. You can’t modify the class course (activity), but each activity comes with a pre built set of good problems according to class grade.
While solving problems and practising Math, they can use the References and also use lessons as a Whiteboard and write on any of the lesson’s page, using the brushes and highlighter. The students can view their stars of each single activity and tack their performance, and find out their strength and weaknesses.
It has got good quality and quantity Math problems to solve, and also good references to use.

The students can signup free and practice math lessons (called activities), the teacher can sign up free or opt for paid subscription, and the parents can only sign up for paid subscription. You’ll then get classroom code, which you can distribute to students in order to give them assignments and teach them. This interactive website contains 3000 plus Math problems, and good Math references, to help children learn Math and track their performances. However to see a complete step by step solution of the incorrect answers, you have to subscribe for paid features. Once done solving the problems, you can then save the progress, which the teacher (admin) can access and then track the performances.

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