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Do-it-yourself website builders and website designers are all using our do-it-yourself website tools. Anyone that can point and click a mouse, can use our complete do-it-yourself website tools and website hosting, it's that simple!Our website tools and website hosting empower you to create, build, promote and manage, along with making changes or updates to your site, via the Internet.You can access and work on your site, from any computer, and from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection!
If you don't have time to build your own website, EZ Website Builders can help or build your website for you. The 30 day free trial website allows you to experience our software and hosting services, or as we call it "Hostware", with no risk and no obligation.
Made by experienced risk practitioners and designed for any organization, for everyone to use: it is very simple to use and very effective for in-depth risk analysis and risk reporting. Enterprise Risk Analysis Risk Tools focused on objectives-centered qualitative Risk Assessments.
Made by experienced Risk Practitioners and designed for any organization, for everyone: it is very simple to use and very effective for in-depth Risk Analysis and Risk Reporting. One single Risk Management file contains everything and stays local: no information goes in the cloud!
Anti Tracks Free Edition is a complete disk cleanup, tracks erasing, data protection and SPAM elimination solution to help tidy up your computer's hard drive, erase your browsing, windows and applications usage tracks, protect your data and enjoy noticeably improved system performance.
Easy Banner Creator Free Edition is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to create banners. BatchRename Free Edition is a useful application that will rename files in the same or different path. WinUtilities (Free Edition) is a multi-functional system performance and optimization suite for Microsoft Windows. SBCleaner Free Edition is a tool that helps protect your system and enhances system performance.
GeoDataSource Free Cities Edition provides geographical database of world features, cities with place names and region names. Free database of worldwide cities in text format suitable for any applications requiring a comprehensive list of cities and country code. Veeam Reporter Free Edition is a handy piece of software specially designed to offer all the core functionality of the full version of Reporter, including full data collection, multi-user support, and Microsoft SQL Server backend. Whether you're building a new website, redesigning your existing website, or just ready for a full e-commerce solution, EZ Website Builders makes sure you have the website tools, website designers, website hosting, website promotion and EZ-Net Tools needed to succeed online. Web Page Creation, is the ability for website designers, using website tools, to create web pages. This objective-centered risk software focuses on qualitative risk and control analysis, and is aligned with ISO31000. This collection of tools lets you supercharge your PC's performance, enhance its security, tweak and optimize its settings, and customize and personalize your screens. Contact information, relationships, business opportunities, orders, sales activities, marketing campaigns, planning, reporting and more can be handled by SprinxCRM helping You make the right decisions. It is a subset of the paid edition of GeoDataSource Cities Database Basic, Premium and Gold Editions. There are no limits on the number of hosts, virtual machines (VMs), users or the size of your archive. Creating and maintaining a website, setting up e-commerce, website hosting and website promotion have never been easier thanks to our suite of fully integrated, easy-to-use website tools and services. We listen and understand your business and business requirements before we proceed to create a website for you.
EZ-Net Tools "Hostware" features EZ-PageBuilder, which makes it easy to design, create and build web pages without HTML Programming.2. Department of Commerce reports that traffic on the Internet has been doubling every 100 days, with 65% of adult users now making purchasing decisions online.

It contains all required registers: risk, control, reliability, key risk indicators (KRIs), incidents, objectives, opportunities, assurance needs & plans, top priorities, maturity model, etc.
With its well-planned setup and customizable flexibility, this should meet the needs of any user. This is another MethodA easy-to-use Excel based tool that is ready to run – out of the box. Registry Cleaner makes your system more stable by cleaning out the bad Registry entries that build up each time you install and uninstall software. The EZ-Net Tools powerful page builder lets you build and maintain your website with a free form base technology, and adding e-commerce is as easy as clicking a few buttons. We make the effort to understand your business needs so as to provide you with the best online solution that integrates well with your offline activities. SBCleaner will bring back hard-drive space and clean-up your history of activities, having your system running like new. Promoting your website with search engines is easy through simple, easy-to-follow interfaces.
It can be used with Ewisoft Web Builder, a Free WYSIWYG Html Editor.It supports images and style files also. EZ Website Builders is your best choice for website designers, website tools, website hosting and website promotion! We take pride in being able to deliver what our customers want within the pre-scheduled budget and deadlines. Make Money: The Internet also provides one of the least expensive ways to start, operate, and market a new business. Pingdom ToolsThis free online website speed-testing tool by Pingdom (a server, network and website monitoring service) provides you with several reports such as a breakdown of how long each web page object (e.g.
Our understanding of your requirements, converting them into an online solution, delivering it to you on time, and giving you access to your website account at any time from any computer via the Internet, is our GOAL.
You keep more of your revenue, making it easier to expand quickly and create great profits.4. Please, read what OUR Customers are saying about us.Our website builders have designed and developed systems and solutions ranging from Basic to E-Commerce.
For example, a separate process called "File Transfer Protocol" (FTP) is required to move files from your computer to the host computer. Another useful report is a page analysis that provides information on load time, page size and requests.3.
We have solutions for, Content Management Systems, Graphic Web Design, Work-flow Applications, Database and Dynamic content, Online Photo Albums, Community Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building and Affiliate Programs just to name a few.Our design and development team understands the importance of visualization, navigation and good production. Growing Opportunities: We've come a long way since 1998-99 when online revenues first topped $100 Billion. With PLR Script you can manage your Business idea from one easy script and have the benefits of easy to use administration areas.
EZ Website Builders difference lies in knowing how to get the best results and deliver great website design using the EZ-Net Tools technology.EZ Website Builders has high quality assurance standards, which we improve upon and review on a regular basis.
Forester Research predicts worldwide e-commerce will rise to 3.1 TRILLION DOLLARS during this decade!
Our team works to ensure that your website functions perfectly on all aspects such as layout, design, programming, code, content, grammar, readability, user friendliness and navigation.Our team consists of ambitious, knowledgeable and dedicated achievers. Our system includes complete website hosting including, E-mail and Domain Name Registration tools.3.
Which loads faster?This interesting tool pits two websites against each other in terms of loading time; for example, you can find out if Google loads faster than Bing does by using this tool. We understand search engine optimization, reciprocal linking, affiliate programs and website promotion.

This can be a simple tool for comparing whether your website performs better or worse than competing sites.
This program is usually used by webmasters to upload files to their websites and can be used for reaching an external backup destination by home users. We believe in constant innovation to keep ourselves up-to-date with the fast changing search engine algorithms.
The EZ-Catalog, EZ-Order, EZ-Shopping Cart, EZ-Shipping, EZ-Coupons, Pay to Enter and EZ-Checkout programs use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the most secure technology available today.
This open source tool (view the source on GitHub) was originally created to promote the importance of web performance.5. EZ Website Builders, include various search engine tools and link building tools with both our Standard and E-commerce website accounts. WebPagetestThis nifty online tool tests your web page’s rendering speed in real browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE) and gives you a choice of conducting the test from several locations around the world. And, the affiliate program tools are included with all of our Basic, Standard and E-commerce website accounts.
It also has advanced settings with options for simulating common Internet connection speeds (e.g.
Use Ulead Drop Spot as plug-in for PhotoImpact or Photo Explorer, or as a separate stand-alone. DSL and 56K dial up) and ad-blocking so you can see the performance cost of running ads on your site.6.
Show SlowThis is the web-based version of the open source server application by the same name (Show Slow).
Show Slow allows you to add a URL to be monitored (publicly) and regularly captures results from three popular testing tools: YSlow, Page Speed and dynaTrace. Site-PerfThis web-based website speed testing tool displays relevant data on page-rendering time, such as total download time, number of connections made and number of requests made. It also has some bonus features such as being able to run the test even if the web page has HTTP authentication (simply supply it with the password to the page) and the ability to simulate different types of Internet connections.9.
This online web performance evaluation tool has the ability to show graphed data such as user load time (simulated by an automated virtual machine) and requests per second (helpful for seeing how durable your web server is and how fast it can handle web page requests).10. I really like using WebPagetest, seems to have a lot of good information.Cristi Nov 10 2011Number five and number six is what i used until now. Even though broadband speeds are ever increasing, users arent waiting longer than a few seconds before going eleswhere.I wrote this article about set cache expiry dates on the different mime tags to speed up your site. Here is the link to the site Nick was referring to: StellaMichael Cobases Nov 12 2011I am mostly using Pingdom, but looks like Google offers competitive tool as well. But for me as a guy who doesn’t know much about coding I use cloduflare to speed up most of my websites. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.l Nov 16 2011this article is goodRajesh Namase Nov 16 2011I like Google Page Speed Tools, I improved my site performance by using Google Page Speed Tools.
Thanks for posting such a nice tools.l Nov 16 2011very informativeElettronico Nov 25 2011Hello, thank you for the list.
I personally like google page speed.Devin Walker Nov 28 2011Very useful for me to know what other tools are out there.

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