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But alas, at the end of the day, you just want a real estate plugin that has already taken care of all these problems.
Well, finally you can relax knowing that all the hard parts are done when you use the right real estate plugin for WordPress. Easy Property Listings plugin for WordPress has been created to solve all these problems for you. When you want to create a real estate website for yourself, a broker office, large agency, or even want to create the next property portal, Easy Property Listings is the WordPress plugin you need.
You can read about the many challenges we faced and struggles we had and why we built Easy Property Listings plugin for WordPress. Lets face it, you don’t want to spend hundreds of hours configuring a real estate plugin to suit your real estate business, or your customers needs.
Be sure to subscribe to the Easy Property Listings email so we can let you know about new Easy Property Listings versions and upcoming features. After Easy Property Listings it has been activated you will see the Getting Started page with quick help. You can re-visit this page later by clicking Getting Started on the plugins page or from the Settings page under the Easy Property Listings tab on your WordPress dashboard menu. Not every real estate website needs support for all the different listing types, here you can add the ones you need.
Once you have activated Easy Property Listings, the menu will now appear in your admin but listing types are not activated until you enable the ones you need from the Settings page. Visit the settings page and tick the Listing types you want to enable from the list and press Save Changes. The Location label is what the plugin uses to automatically link similar listings, authors and additional extensions to a location. In future if you decide to change the Location Label, remember to re-save your WordPress permalinks.
In Australia you would set the Location Label to Suburb, or if you are in Melbourne and want a SEO boost, enter Melbourne Suburb. These settings change how the different listing pages display on the front side of your website. If you have enabled the Property, Land and Rental listing types they will appear in the admin menu under the main Easy Property Listings menu option. Each listing type has slightly different information requirements and settings but all follow the same clean format. Using the property address as the title is better for your SEO efforts and prevents WordPress re-direct issues.
Add the full property address here for your listing and press the green icon to generate coordinates for the listing.

You can add as many images as you like to each listing and they will be displayed as you have set in the Display settings, automatically, manually or using the EPL – Listing Gallery widget.
To add images do this as you normally would for a WordPress post or Gallery with the Add Media button. Always enter in a figure for the Search Price field even if you are selling a property with a no price marketing strategy.
If using a no price strategy, set display price to no and if you have entered Price Text, e.g. The added benefit here is all your listings will be grouped so buyers can click view all your listings with a study. In future, you or your client may need to import listings from a XML feed instead of manually entering listings. Press the Preview button to review your listing until your ready to publish your listing and save your changes to make the listing live.
If you are using a WordPress theme built using the HTML5 Twenty Twelve format, iThemes Builder Framework or Genesis Framework it should work automatically. If you get a page not found or blank page when displaying your listing, first make sure you are using the pretty permalinks, if you are then you may need to clear your permalinks.
Create a new page for each listing type and make sure each page slug is: property, rental, land. The single listing template includes an author box with optional tabs of information and links to you social media profiles. Easy Property Listings allows you to add additional information to the author box, it uses your bio text, YouTube video, slogan, contact form and links to your social media profiles.
Once you have previewed your listings and listing archive pages, you may want to add widgets to your blog page, home page or other pages. You can display the Easy Property Listings tabbed author box on your posts by adding a simple line of code to your single.php file.
From your dashboard you can check out the add-on extensions that are available for Easy Property Listings. This plugin has taken several months to create for you to use and we have decided to release this for free to the wonderful WordPress community. We would really love if you were to purchase an extension or two to help us to continue to add more features and expand the development of Easy Property Listings. Let us Know how you go using Easy Property Listings plugin for WordPress on your next real estate website.
I’ve pushed a new version with the fix but am unsure without knowing your theme if the fix will work.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!

You just want to be able to install the plugin and add your listings, so you can get on with the rest of your life.
This allows you to have a page showing listings from a specific location and is also used with the included EPL – Listing Search widget and various extensions. Hop over to Easy Property Listings > Display and configure the general display options and customise your labels.
When set to no you can create manual image galleries to the content area to control the order, or you can use the EPL – Listing Gallery widget to add images to widget areas in your theme.
Often you will change the listing headline multiple times while selling or leasing a property. Add any amount of text, insert images, create bullet lists as you can with your regular WordPress posts.
If you don’t want to display the address, enter in the details anyway and press no for Display Address.
If you decide to automatically add gallery images to the post just add your images to the listing.
The Listing Agent and Second Listing Agent boxes are for automatic REAXML import support and are not needed if setting the author above. If you are manually entering listings its better to use the Features box mentioned above to add your special features, as you can have any features you like with the automatic benefit of grouping. Read here for additional instructions on how to configure your WordPress theme template files. Edit your profile and save, this will add additional tabs and social media links to the author box. Add the following line where you want the author box to appear, usually above the comments function. This causes problems with you trying to link to with emails and can cause endless loop redirects because of how WordPress works. However if you require a second real estate agent, to appear with a this listing, enter their WordPress user name in the Second Listing Agent box. For a floor plan, upload the file or image as you would for listing images and copy the URL and paste it in the floor plans boxes.
Easy Property Listings works within WordPress so that upload error will happen on posts and pages too.

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