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Writerfolio: For only $4 a month, writing professionals can show off an unlimited amount of writing samples on Writerfolio. Photoshelter: Photoshelter is a great option for photographers who not only want to show off their craft but who also want to license work, find clients, and securely store photos online.
Behance: Most people working in the visual arts will already know Behance, a popular forum for showcasing and sharing work in design, illustration, and a number of other mediums. Krop: Krop is first and foremost a job search site for people in creativity-driven industries, but it is also a site that comes equipped with quality portfolio hosting.
Coroflot: This portfolio incorporates the functionality of job listing sites into its design and allows you to show off your best creative work. PortfolioGen: One of the few online portfolio sites for educators, PortfolioGen allows teachers to create their own customized portfolio site, complete with a unique URL address – all for free. 4ormat: While most who work in IT development and other programming and computer-related fields will want to create their own custom websites, sites like 4ormat can help you speed up the process and save you some work.
StylePortfolios: StylePortfolios is currently the only portfolio site out there created just for fashion design professionals.
Squarespace: Squarespace is a great place to look for help when building a personal portfolio, as it offers templates and plans that work well for personal and professional purposes.
Portfolio building sites can meet your needs and help you showcase your professional abilities and creative skills to prospective employers and clients. This entry was posted in Blog: Inside Online Learning, Career Development and Job Search by Staff Writers. The term student-centered was popular at the Online Learning Consortium conference this year, but it also appeared on a buzzword bingo card for the SXSWedu event. As a college student, online or on campus, you have access to a wide range of support services designed to help you find your next job. In fact, many employers only post listings online and want to receive resumes and portfolios in a digital format. For less than $10 a month, writers can maintain a portfolio with as much content as they wish. The site offers a free demo that gives you a model of your site you can then use to decide if you want to sign up. This multi-featured site offers almost everything photographers need to get their business online, including themed sites and the ability to custom-build your layout. Portfolio websites are available in a variety of layouts, many of which are quite simple (thus allowing the site to focus on your images).
Word travels because Behance is more than a portfolio site; it also hosts job listings, making it a hub for promoting yourself and for tracking down job leads. User choose between a basic, 10-image option and a pro option, which allows unlimited uploads and costs $10 per month. Portfolios through Coroflot are entirely free, but the caveat is that both aspects of the site are very basic; neither come with much in the way of customization. These portfolios have room for a resume and qualifications, lesson plans, teaching philosophies, and transcripts; the site also makes it easy to embed videos and other multimedia. Google Sites makes it easy to create a customized website, great for educators who want to showcase not only a resume but also images, videos, and other multimedia projects from their classrooms. This online portfolio platform offers the ability to customize a site with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, post high-quality images, and even take advantage of more advanced features like search engine optimization, drag and drop interfaces, and social media integration. It offers space for a logo, sample images and video, and links, encouraging uncluttered design and presentation. Portfolios are very basic, integrating samples of work into personal information and a user’s resume.
It’s home to a great portfolio service, specifically targeted at anyone in the business or financial industries.
With options that meet almost any budget and aesthetic, there’s little reason not to get in on the digital trend that will give your career a crucial boost.
The options for expanding your professional knowledge and technical skills are offered by a wide range of schools and organizations.
This switch to digital can benefit employees as well as employers, however, as it offers job-seekers a chance to showcase the personal accomplishments and areas of expertise in one easily accessible place. Writerfolio uses a format Facebook users will find familiar – but one that makes it easy to upload information focused on highlighting your skills and links out to your work. Plans start as low as $10 a month, but professionals looking to host a large number of hi-res images could pay as much as $50. These portfolios are simple but sleek, and while they may not allow for much customization, they will serve the purposes of most creatives. Still, for someone simply looking for a place to host their work and make it visible to potential employers, Coroflot gets the job done. The design is basic, but allows users to easily control who sees their work, who can get in contact, and how many views a portfolio gets. It has excellent privacy settings, is easy to share with prospective employers, free, and works seamlessly with Google’s other products.
It also works well on the iPad and iPhone as well as other mobile devices, allowing you to bring your work with you to any interview. It also offers the ability to develop an iPad-friendly portfolio and to use your own domain name. For people who prefer image-centric portfolios, this site not be the best choice, but it will work well for someone on the job hunt, what with its integrated job listings and recruiter services. Fashion-savvy individuals can easily show off their latest designs through a free option that offers space for 35 images, or display up to 500 images and 10 videos for only $12 per month. Users can showcase infographics about their work, provide a resume, and add loads of work samples in a wide range of formats from video to PDF to interactive web content. It also offers integrated SEO, hosting, customer service, and analytics, making it easy to keep track of who’s viewing your portfolio. While you might think these portfolio sites are limited to those in the creative fields, there are actually options out there that can serve a wide range of professions. However, the site also allows users to redirect readers to the original published material, as well as create a landing page and contact page.
Advanced features may be limited, but it’s a great way to get your writing on the web and save a little money at the same time. Photographers receive a free two-week trial, but fees beyond that are fairly reasonable, running as low as $30 a year.
The site’s interface is also social media-friendly, making it easy to share your work with a much larger online community. Even better, they have integrated Google Analytics to track how often your portfolio is viewed – and who is viewing it. It does have a few drawbacks, however, in that users can’t use custom designs, but this may be minor to those who are more interested in showcasing their work than maintaining a snazzy site. There is a 30-day free trial available, but after that the site will run you $19 a month (though there are discounts for students and teachers).
There are currently a variety of StylePortfolios options, ranging in price from free to $20 a month.
Social media is integrated throughout and a portfolio on the site is free when you sign up. Here’s a list of some of the best and most useful online portfolios available to people working in every field from photography to finance.

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