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The guys who made the game did such an incredible job of creating a world, it was an honour to step into it for a time.
It's always odd when people ask for a photo or whatever and then it transpires they don't actually know who you are - I got chased out of a (really good) local chicken joint by a girl who insisted I was 'That Guy' but couldnt elaborate (!) it went from ludicrous to RUN AWAY!! 1) Given the fact that Homeland is a "political thriller" were you at all surprised by some audience members' investment on the Carrie-Quinn dinamic? You know, Claire and I talked about this last year - the truth is, neither of us ever 'played' a romance in any of our scenes together, yet I know people felt that there was one there. I just got back from doing some additional action photography on the movie with the directors of John Wick - we did some very cool stunt sequences, which I loved. I know you've said you weren't big on TV as a kid but did you ever see My So-Called Life or The X-Files growing up?
Are you friends with Hugh Dancy through the Homeland experience, and would you ever want to guest-star on his show- Hannibal? Any pressure in playing the lead in the new hitman movie and possibly launching a franchise? I havent seen the other Hitman movie as I wanted to keep my first impressions tied to the game and my imagination.
What was your reaction to reading the finale for S4 and what did you think of the overall arc for Quinn and Carrie this season?
I was surprised, but that's the thing about these writers, and about working in TV generally - you genuinely dont know what your character is going to be doing next week. The Hitman games have quite a passionate and vocal fanbase, many of whom seem to be in despair about the fact 47 isn't completely bald or that the barcode is in a different place in this movie. Love Homeland so much sir, just curious were you teased as a kid about your last name and where there any funny ones you remember ? Why did you keep the picture of your ex-girlfriend and the baby in Charles dickens book " great expectations " ? Love Quinn in homeland, if I hadn't watched Pride and Prejudice, there'd be no doubt in my mind that you were American. P.S - Just finished reading 'I shall note not hate' based on your recommendation from twitter, loved it. Hey Rupert, I don't really follow many actors (literally or in the general sense) but you're one of the few actors who when I hear you're starring in something, I'll definitely go to see it.
I'm probably the wrong person to ask - but it sounds to me like you want to get into storytelling.
I'm SERIOUSLY considering working on my british accent and going into read for american roles and then when I read for the role I would speak in my normal american accent--good idea? First up, you're gonna wanna ditch the idea of a 'British accent' - that's like saying a Texan talks like a Minnesotan, and the Welsh and Scots will be furious that you lumped them in with the English! 5 Things to Know about the World's Hottest Polo Player, Nacho Figueras – and Why He Has Your Steamy Summer Beach Read!

He's got daddy's good looks and mommy's fashion sense – but from who did he inherit that charm? Victoria and David Beckham's 14-year-old son, Brooklyn, was photographed spending some quality time with a young lady – a date perhaps? Brooklyn and his female companion, a girl around his age with long dark hair, visited the Apple Store before enjoying some frozen yogurt together. Because of this, most people are sometimes worried about risking making a move to turn a friendship into a relationship and very often one person prefers that you both stay friends to avoid risking this happening. Well, friend zone tests were created for the purpose of gauging whether a girl is interested in getting romantic… and becoming MORE than just friends. Many friend zone tests can be found all over the internet and if you try all of them it may just leave you more confused than when you started.
Read previous post:How To Get a Friend With Benefits RelationshipWant a hot girl who you can hookup with in a casual “friends with benefits”relationship?
The thing that struck me when I played the games was the depth of the gameplay, most of which hinged on the intelligence of the title character. It's a window which cannot stay open for long, and I think for a seemingly pretty tough guy there is actually a lot of sensitivity to being hurt there. That's super interesting to me because it raises the question, do we see what we want to see?
I think audiences today are so smart - I want to give audiences as little 'cheating' as possible, so I did as many of my own stunts as I could. If you have, do you believe the reincarnation Agent 47 takes the character in a new direction or refines the attempt the first movie made? Like, I really really dont like offal, and they might make Quinn LOVE it, and then I'd be F**KED right?? On another note, that book was a total favourite of mine too, and one of my childhood nicknames was Pip. The director did not allow makeup or costume in the room inbetween takes, just the camera and us, and we were free to improvise and it got pretty heated! How did it feel to play the iconic charming bad boy Mr Wickham - prototype for all future bad boys after him? Interesting example of the difference between what is 'played' and what the audience infers. From my fairly minimal knowledge of professional acting, in everything I've seen you in you radiate so much sincerity and it's so great to watch and I have this resounding feeling that you're a really interesting and lovely human and your general existence is a pleasant thing for mankind. Having transitioned from acting, writing and now into directing, do you have any advice on how to forge a realistic pathway from academia and into that sort of creative environment where shows like Homeland are made and real issues can be addressed in a more 'consumable' way?
RE the bald thing in this movie: our 47 is 15 years younger than the one in the game - I wanted to reflect that, and make this character real to me.
Meanwhile, Victoria shared her Easter preparations on Twitter earlier in the week – crafting!

For example, it is also polite way for a woman to tell you she’s not interested in sex.
Keep in mind, that generally, friend zone test results are the OPPOSITE of what you would think… the lower the score, the higher the chance of getting out of the friend zone. Keep in mind that the result of a friend zone test is not the END ALL decider of your relationship with a woman. You really only need 2 things to make it work… you need desire and you need a game plan.
There are actually 3 unique questions you can ask a woman to not just find out if she likes you but to know exactly what you must to seduce her no matter how long you’ve been friends. It's a movie about two con-artists, one-upping each other on a road trip while falling in love. Monty Python, the Hearthstone characters, Mo-Ca, Animation or just walking along like I usually do! In terms of next year, i'm afraid I don't know if Quinn will be back, but to be fair to Mr Gansa, I doubt he knows either at this stage! My only 'P & Q' references are a line of ferries, and an exercise done by ladies of my grandmother's generation to firm up the under-chin, in which one says 'Peeeeee!' and then 'KyUUUUUU!' as forcefully as possible. I prefer to think in terms of spirit, rather than dogged obedience, when interpreting pretty much anything.
Were you afraid that such an iconic early starring role might stereotype you for all roles to come? Shaving one's head to the skin, when you have hair, felt an odd thing to do; buzzing it with clippers felt practical and less high-maintenance than Bic'ing it every day. Instead she uses the excuse of saving the friendship to avoid sex because she simply is not interested in sleep with you yet.
Before all that though, he and I had agreed that there was a Bad Guy who lived on set who was simply Not Rupert. Even the most mature people still have deep feelings for each other long after the relationship has ended. The woman you’re interested in may also change her feelings about you depending on a lot of factors so you need to be aware of those to.
Having the patience to allow her to see you as a boyfriend may just cause her to change her heart.
You may not know but she may also be making way to please a friend who is in love with you. There are silly possibilities but one of them may just be what you need to know in order to stand your ground.

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