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Print hundreds of shapes on fabric (or on paper for templates) in a few minutes and start sewing by hand or by machine! This Inklingo PDF includes the shapes for Hunter's Star plus a bonus square for even more variations. The Inklingo Hunter's Star Design Book (PDF, 115 pages) is free for a limited time, so you can order it first. The design book includes everything you need whether you are following a traditional pattern or designing your own variation.

The diamonds and triangles in this shape collection are very versatile and can be used for many other quilt blocks, like Flying Geese, Pinwheel, Square in a Square, etc. There are several articles on the All About Inklingo Blog for Hunter's Star, including an EQ project file to download. The Drunkard's Path Design Book (half price or free, 203 pages) will help you sew a Drunkard's Trail quilt, whether you are following a traditional pattern or designing your own variation.
It includes worksheets and instructions for hand piecing, machine piecing, and hybrid piecing.

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