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We find every excuse to put off housework, but 13 minutes of vacuuming can actually burn 54 calories. Yoga -- one of our favorite de-stressing activities -- can exist outside of a formal class. A quick six-minute game with friends will improve your hand-eye coordination and help you burn 57 calories.
While it may not sound like a super-appealing Sunday afternoon activity, 10 minutes of yard work could help you burn 59 calories.
Take your baby (or the kids you babysit!) out for a 20-minute stroll, and you'll find your mood improved and 59 calories gone! You've heard it's good for your abs, but did you know know 12 minutes of paddling can help you burn 54 calories?
After a 12-minute game of table tennis, you will have burned around 54 calories -- and you'll be dying to play again.
While you're hanging in the pool or ocean, take some time to try to stay afloat without putting your feet down.
Baseball's a great way to have fun with friends and family, and you'll burn 58 calories in just 10 minutes of play. Grab a ball and some friends, assemble some makeshift bases, and you've got yourself a game of kickball, just like back in the days of recess. If you skimped on the spring cleaning, give the garage and gutters a quick 10-minute clean. As long as your bank account can support it, a little shopping is a win-win: In 20 minutes of perusing the aisles of your favorite boutique and trying on summer tees, you can burn 50 calories -- and update your wardrobe! Yes, housework is boring, but keep in mind that after 12 minutes of cleaning, you will have burned 50 calories, and your kitchen floor will be sparkling. This lean protein provides a lot of nutrients and a lot of volume per calorie, making it a great salad topper. Volleyball is a fun game but sometimes performing the same dry and boring volleyball drills over and over again can get tedious and take the enjoyment out of what is supposed to be an exciting sport.
Mighty Ducks: Here’s a fun volleyball drill that involves eight players divided up into two teams of four. If a team gets a point that is considered a “little” and once you get two “littles” in a row you’ll get a “big”. Serving Webs: Another fun volleyball game to play that will help to improve your serving, teamwork and accuracy skills. The players then one by one must serve and try to hit the teammate that’s lying on the floor.

The next player then serves to the two players on the floor trying to hit them again and if they’re successful they also join the players on the floor.
This drill is not only super fun but really helps to particularly improve on serving accuracy. The coach will them call out the name of one of the teams and that team then chases the other team to the end of the gym as they try to catch them. Everyone is guaranteed an "A" for the course as long as you sit through the course and pay attention (you can take notes if you wish).
Muscle hypertrophy is not a huge factor in the game as compared to overall speed and agility. Do a light 5-minute warm-up to get the blood circulating and tissues of the body ready for the workout.
You will also notice that you are jumping higher than you previously could due to increasing your power in the gym. Whether it's a simple stroll at dusk, or a bike ride to the beach for a picnic, this season seems to motivate us to play, explore and move in ways winter simply cannot. Commit 12 minutes to water aerobics exercises and you can burn 57 calories -- and probably get a good laugh out of your friends.
Chopping and stirring for 25 minutes can help you burn 57 calories, all before the oven timer dings!
But make your next couple of treks up the stairs with more enthusiasm -- five minutes of stair climbing can help you burn 54 calories!
In 10 minutes of pitching, kicking and running, you could burn 79 calories, according to ACE Fitness. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 fun volleyball drills to keep your training fresh and exciting. Have one team on each side of the net with all four players standing in the middle of the court all huddled. Start by dividing teams into two squads with half of the players on each of the serving lines.
Get all of the players to partner up and then make them lie head to head at the center line with their feet facing the end lines. Once they’ve reached the end of the gym the players come back to their original positions and the drill starts over again.
Those interested in sitting through an easy course, no need to look any farther because class has just begun.
Injuries unfortunately aren't something that we plan for, but we can at least help prevent some injuries from happening.

It will keep your mind fresh and you can continue to work on aspects of the game that you lacked the previous season. Even quick bursts of activity that we may not consider exercise can be fun ways to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and squeeze in some exercise time in the process. The sweet summer air might just spark your hidden creative side while you burn 54 calories in 15 minutes. Not only will these drills help you to improve on your volleyball skills but you’ll also have a great time whilst doing them! The coach the slaps the ball and either hits a down ball or free at the first of the two teams. Then send one player from both sides to the opposite side having them lay down flat on the ground on their stomach.
All of the players on one side will be “Birds” and the players on the other side will be “Bees”. The training can get intense and if done incorrectly, could ruin your chances of ever making a career out of the sport. You will find your upper body getting stronger and you are able to hit the volleyball faster and harder.
We've compiled a list of 50 fun, summery ways to burn around 50 calories (based on a 150-pound person).
As soon as the coach has slapped the ball the first team should to their playing positions with one setter, one left back, one right back and a middle back. Every time the player can touch the ball the team mate must run to join them on the floor linking either by hands or feet. This article will give you some insight on everything you need to know about training for volleyball.
Once the first team has hit the ball the second team then takes their position and the first team goes back to huddling. If the hit doesn’t make it then the coach grabs another ball and repeats the process for the second team.

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