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An easygoing chap who is easy to read and works hard at everything, he is still tougher than he looks.
You'd be the nicest and most reliable couple on the block, the go-to people for when your neighbors need help.Pop Quiz: Which 'Reply' series' male lead is your future husband?TaekYour husband is meant to be the ever-so-adorable Taek from 'Reply 1988'! Aside from the one huge flaw, he is extremely persistent and passionately goes after the things he takes interest in, especially when it comes to love.

With him by your side, you won't ever get self-conscious as he will shower you with sweet compliments even on your worst hair day. You two would make the most innocent couple around.Pop Quiz: Which 'Reply' series' male lead is your future husband?Jung HwanYour husband is meant to be the serious yet caring Jung Hwan from 'Reply 1988'!
Jung Hwan is mostly expressionless and will probably get you mad from time to time with his crude jokes, but deep inside, he is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.

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