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OK so I’m a bigger fan of GM than of Flash, but you have to admit that being able to put the game so easily onto the web is a big thing.
Flash, GM, and C++ have nothing to do with one another and really can’t be reasonably compared at all. If you currently have legitimate access to Game Maker 8 Pro you can use your Softwrap Purchase Reference number to generate a GameMaker 8.1 License key. When your valid details have been entered the software instantly upgrades to GameMaker 8.1 Standard. I can not believe the amount of work it’s taking to fighting customer support for both Softwrap and Yoyo Games. Now I’m about to try for a refund and will not let up just for the principal of the thing. I stumbled across four entries submitted to the Game Maker 8 logo contest uploaded to the Flickr account of Sandy Duncan. All images copyright of their creators unless they have been awarded first place in which case they belong to YoYo Games. Philip, can I post a link to a topic I have dedicated to posting only logos made for the YYG logo competition?
Oh, and though this might be a minority opinion, I actually prefer most of those to the current logo, which to my mind looks alright, but very dated. Regardless of the results, I’ll probably change the GM application icon back to the icon I created for the competition, since I quite liked the outcome of it.

I actually had a lot of ideas for the contest, but in the end, I only went with about four different designs, most yoyo oriented. That’s incorrect…The logo I made was the CD with the gear but is says that was by “A zak”??? Fred’s one is great with the simplistic approach that good logos have, although it seems a bit too simple for me. How the third one got most votes (not even talking about how the hell it came into final) when you can clearly see artifacts on it? Also, being able to rotate a sprite instead of needing a bunch of different sprites is very helpful.
You’re better off getting the hacked version than bothering to wait until the operators finally realize no one can buy it! But since there are five finalists, we can’t be sure that any of these are the winners. When looking at most of these logos, I’d incorrectly get the impression that the tool is not professional. I like how simple and stylistic it is – the other three seem too convoluted for my liking, and as Caniac said, the second is way too reminiscent of YIM. I most definetly did not make the smiley face gear one so I’d appreciate if you could correct this for me.
I most definetly did not make the smiley face gear one so I’d appreciate if you could correct this for me.

The only reason it has artifacts is because Philip Gamble has a cheap jpg version of it which everyone should know makes an image loss quality.
It is understandable GM is being used by teens but it does not mean GM has to have a look of an unprofessional tool.
And you can’t forget that with flash you can also make animations to go into your game right then and there. But still, whatever they pick it will be green, or involve green in some way more than any other color.
The important thing is that it is readable and distinguished when small, which is where numbers two and three lose out to the others.
The YoYo team has my original highquality bitmap which, unlike this version, is crisp and clear.
My recommendation is, give a copy of GM to finalist and start over with more rules for designing the logo. No offense to the entrants, but now I really wish I had entered ’cause I would have pwnd joo all! The sharp bevel on the teeth, along with the dark outer glow on all of it, makes it look… not so professional.

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