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This might be the strangest way of keeping aggressive men at bay, but we have to give it major points for being clever.
They remind us somewhat of the less playful, more functional "anti-rape" lingerie developed recently by three engineering students in India. The idea behind the hair stockings, we're guessing, is that lewd gropers wouldn't come anywhere near you.
Traffic moves along a street as pedestrians walk on an overpass shrouded in haze in Beijing, China, on Friday, March 15, 2013. Growing up in Los Angeles, gangs of all colors are something that have always been around me.

That garment is wired to deliver an electric shock to sexual attackers and can send an alert message, with GPS coordinates, to the attacked woman's friends and family. China's new premier promised to crack down on corruption and clean up pollution, acknowledging the need to tackle two issues that have stoked public anger toward the country's leaders.
It’s normal to see walls covered in graffiti that signifies the hood you are riding into. He terrorized the streets of the West Side as a young Suicidal Boy, and was a part of the early Hardcore movement. Sean has always been passionate about the music and the DIY fashion of the crust and metal world, and that passion led him and his wife Meghan to create the world of CVLT Nation and the CVLT clothing brand.

Out of all of the dark shit that gang life brings, and perhaps because of it, you find art. Gangsters use their tattoos to tell the story of their hoods, their dreams and the acts of violence that they have committed. Personally, when I look at gang tattoos I’m able to see both the beauty and the misery that they convey.

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